Around the City Feature: Boston Common


Hampshire House is proud to be located in a city as historic and vibrant as Boston, and we encourage our guests to get to know the city and take full advantage of all that it has to offer. One particular area of interest is the nearby Boston Common, which many know as America’s oldest park.

Boston Common dates back more than 350 years, all the way to Colonial times during our country’s shaky beginnings. During the 1700s it was a place for the Colonial militia to group themselves for the Revolution, and it was also the place where the British army created an encampment for more than eight years. George Washington and John Adams celebrated America’s independence at Boston Common once the war was through, and in the 1860s, anti-slavery meetings were held on the park’s historic grounds.

boston common photo
Photo by Vignesh Ananth

The park didn’t really become a park until 1913, when Frederick Law Olmsted’s sons created paved walkways, spread lush soil and planted green trees. Later in the 20th century, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave speeches in Boston Commons, and many civil rights rallies were held on the grounds. Pope John Paul II even celebrated a mass in the park in 1979.

Today, Boston Common is one of the most popular and scenic parks in all of Boston. Visitors spend their time strolling through the well-maintained walking paths, admiring the fountains and brushing up on the park’s history through its beautiful statues. For more athletic visitors, there are also a number of ball fields, playgrounds and even the beloved Frog Pond, which freezes over in the winter for skating.

If you’re a bit of a history buff, you’ll be happy to know that the Friends of the Public Garden have created a brochure detailing Boston Commons’ storied history. On your next free afternoon or before a visit to Hampshire House, be sure to visit this historic park and immerse yourself in a truly fascinating piece of Boston’s past.


New England Council Events at Hampshire House

On Thursday, August 18, Hampshire House will host a Congressional Roundtable with Rep. Steny Hoyer. The House Democratic Whip is currently serving his 18th term representing the state of Maryland’s 5th Congressional District, and this event will give people the chance to get to know Hoyer and what he stands for.


Rep. Steny Hoyer is the second-ranking member of the House Democratic Leadership, and he acts as a liaison between the members and the Democratic leadership. He coordinates strategy within the Caucus, and he is in charge of mobilizing the party vote.

The Hampshire House has hosted many events with the New England Council in the past including an event for Representative Niki Tsongas who represents the 3rd Congressional District of Massachusetts last March which went very well.

Mar 27 2015 NEC Rep Tsongas 023 (002)

The Congressional Roundtable with Rep. Steny Hoyer will begin at 8:30 a.m. on August 18, and it will end at 10 a.m. To RSVP, visit the New England Council’s website.


Unique Hair Trends for the Modern Brides

Instead of the usual tight up-do or a long, wavy style, many modern brides are searching for hair trends that are a bit more unique. If you want your hair to make more of a statement on your big day, you might want to try out one of these fun hairstyles.

  • Boho braids. If you’re planning a bohemian wedding, braided hairstyles are a must-have. Try one with long, loose waves and braids at the crown, or go for two Heidi braids that wrap all the way around your head.
boho braids photo
Photo by srivard72
  • A chic topknot. Who says that the topknot is only for casual days? With a fresh face of makeup and some sleek, shiny product, your favorite off-duty hairstyle can play double duty on your wedding day.
  • Beachy waves. While perfectly coiffed waves may feel a bit too stuffy for many modern brides, tousled, beachy waves strike the perfect balance between soft and romantic. Achieve this look with curling irons in a few different sizes, some salt spray and a good shake of the hair with your fingers.
fascinator hat photo
Photo by Bellafaye Garden
  • A fascinator. For modern brides who love vintage vibes, adding a fascinator-style hat is a great way to take your wedding look from pretty to fabulous. Add a dramatic fascinator over a sleek chignon, or even wear one to balance out a long hairstyle.

Around the City: Jamaica Pond

Boston is filled with beautiful, natural areas that offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, but you need a bit of local know-how in order to find them. Jamaica Pond is one such spot, and it makes a great place to have a picnic, go for a run and otherwise get away from it all on a warm summer’s day.

jamaica pond photo
Photo by eviltomthai

Jamaica Pond is located in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, and it’s also a part of the city’s “Emerald Necklace” of parks.  The park was first founded way back in 1892, and even despite its numerous changes, its natural essence is still much the same as it was back then. Today, there is a 1.5-mile paved path that winds its way around the pond, creating a wonderful place for walking, jogging or riding bikes for exercise.

The pond itself spans 68 acres, and its “kettle” shape was formed by glacial activity. Its average depth is approximately 25 feet around the edges and 53 feet deep at the center, which makes for great fishing with the proper licenses. The Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife stocks the pond with fish every year, and visitors can even rent rowboats and kayaks at the on-site Jamaica Pond Boat House. If you’re not familiar with sailing, you can even take lessons through the Courageous Sailing Center.

floating lanterns photo
Photo by jongela19

Aside from its great everyday activities, Jamaica Pond is also home to annual events like the yearly Lantern Parade. This family-friendly parade is held every October, and it features community residents parading around the lake at sunset with handmade lanterns, true to Dutch tradition. Approximately 4,000 residents take part in the Lantern Parade each year, and it is a truly stunning sight to see. With so much development in the city, this locale offers a respite from the hustle and bustle, providing its lush and verdant green space for your enjoyment.


Wedding Etiquette: What to Wear as a Guest

Whether your social calendar is filled with weddings this season or you’re invited to your first wedding of the year, most people say that they’re never quite sure what to wear. From formal affairs to laid-back bashes, these helpful tips will show you what to wear for any type of wedding.

black tie party photo
Photo by bloomfieldevents
  • If the wedding invitation says “black tie,” you can’t get around the dress code. For men, this often means renting a tuxedo complete with a cummerbund and tie. For the ladies, you can’t go wrong with a classic, floor-length evening gown and some great high heels.
  • If the dress code is simply formal, you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to your outfit. Men will fit right in in a smart suit and shiny pair of dress shoes, while women can wear floor-length, tea-length or even short dresses, provided that they’re more formal than your usual attire.
  • Nowadays, many weddings are more casual, and that means more leniencies when it comes to the dress code. Ladies will want to wear a sundress in warmer weather or a cocktail dress in colder temperatures, but if you know the couple personally, you may want to go more casual or more formal, depending on their wishes. For men, a suit and tie is customary, but if you know that the affair is more laid-back, you may even wear slacks and a button-down shirt without the jacket and tie.

How to Incorporate Children into a Wedding

Aside from the traditional ring bearer and flower girl, there aren’t many roles for young children in a wedding. Unfortunately, this means that many couples are forced to leave out the children in their family or choose between them.

ring bearer photo
Photo by Mannia&Titta

If you want to incorporate more children into your special day, there are a number of nontraditional ways to do so. Here are just a few creative ideas that will allow all of your favorite kids to share in your wedding ceremony.

  • Add junior bridesmaids or groomsmen. If you have children or teens in your family who are a bit older, you can ask them to be “junior” bridesmaids or groomsmen. These roles share the same importance as traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they may have less responsibility.
  • Add a train bearer. Just like you have a ring bearer, you can ask a little boy or girl to be a train bearer for the bride. This role involves holding the bride’s train when she walks down the aisle.
  • Have them hand out programs. Children between the ages of 5 and 10 will enjoy being in charge of the programs or hymnals at your ceremony. Instruct them to hand out these important items to guests when they enter the building.
family wedding photo
Photo by merfam
  • Add ushers. Both girls and boys who are a bit older can also act as ushers who direct guests to their seats.
  • Use multiple flower girls. Who says that you can only have one flower girl? If you have a few specials girls (or even boys!) in your life, give them all a basket of flower petals to toss before the bride comes down the aisle.
  • Ask them to do a reading. Since children are usually very excited about learning to read, asking a young boy or girl to give a simple reading at your ceremony is a cute way to make kids feel important. This task is best reserved for more outgoing children, or if the child is shy, he or she may like to do a reading with a partner.

Untold Stories of the Boston Public Garden

The Boston Public Garden is one of the most serene spaces in the city, but even if you’re a frequent visitor, you still may not know all there is to know about the garden’s history. This lush garden was America’s first public botanical garden, and it’s still one of the city’s proudest attractions. From its incredible origins to its additions over the years, the Boston Public Garden is just as rich in history as it is in greenery.

Boston Public Garden photo
Photo by tvanhoosear

On the “Untold Stories of the Public Garden” tour, guests of all ages will learn about the history, horticulture and sculptures found throughout the garden’s grounds. This free guided walking tour is a great way to get out and enjoy the Boston Public Garden while also learning inside information, and even if you’ve visited the gardens dozens of times, it offers a brand new way to look at this beautiful space.

Boston skyline photo
Photo by vladislav.bezrukov

Boston Public Garden volunteers lead these fascinating tours, and they offer a wealth of information about how the gardens were founded and how they’ve changed over the years. Tours take place Tuesdays through Thursdays at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., and if you’d like to join on, simply meet at the “Make Way for Ducklings” statues.


Wedding Feature: Kristen and Kevin

Today’s featured Hampshire House wedding is Kristen and Kevin’s elegant affair. Despite some dreary weather and the threat of rain all day long, the happy couple’s wedding went off without a hitch — and with only a few raindrops!


Kristen wore a floor-length gown from Stella York, which she purchased at Party Dress Express. The dress featured layer upon layer of white chiffon at the skirt, a sweetheart neckline rimmed in lace, and thin, lace shoulder straps that matched the rose-shaped lace details along the waist. Kevin looked dapper in a dark grey suit with a white undershirt, as well as a black tie. Together, the pair looked timeless and still totally modern, which suited their classic wedding.

Before the wedding itself, the couple met up for their first look at Hampshire House with local photographer Ali Cali Photo. Plans to wander about the Public Gardens were quickly foiled by the day’s rainstorms, but luckily, they were able to snap a few shots with the bride’s parents before heading indoors for the rest of the photos. They even got a few silly snaps in front of the park’s bronze ducks!

KK 1

Once they arrived at Hampshire House, Kristen and Kevin (and photographer Ali) completed their photo session. With the addition of timeless white roses and sprigs of green ivy from Cedar Grove Gardens (plus Hampshire House’s stunning architecture) they were able to capture the moments before their nuptials in a truly special way.  They got a few great shots on Hampshire House’s stunning spiral staircase, which is always a favorite with soon-to-be-married couples.

The couple was married in front of an intimate group of family and friends in Hampshire House’s library. Floor-to-ceiling wooden bookcases filled with antique books created a beautiful backdrop, while the home’s stately fireplace was adorned with romantic candles and matching white roses to go with the rest of their wedding’s theme.


Once the ceremony was over, the newly minted couple and their smiling guests retreated to the dining room for a delicious meal and a champagne toast. Hampshire House’s long, spacious dining tables comfortably accommodated all of the wedding guests, while white tablecloths, white and soft pink centerpieces and simple white china gave the meal a look of understated luxury.

After dinner was through, Kristen and Kevin cut their three-tiered cake, which was provided by Cakes to Remember. The white icing was decorated with tiny white swirls and a tasteful bouquet of the wedding flowers on top, and guests seemed to enjoy every bite.


Soon, the lights at Hampshire House were dimmed and the tables were pushed aside to make room for dancing. International String Trio provided the music for the ceremony and cocktail hour, but once it was time for the real party to start, DJ Ron from Entertainment Specialists played everyone’s favorite hits. The low lights and glittering chandeliers guaranteed a packed dance floor, and guests enjoyed dancing the night away in celebration of Kristen and Kevin.


Everyone at Hampshire House wishes Kristen and Kevin a lifetime of happiness. Thank you for choosing to have your wedding day with us!


Wedding Fashion Trend: Classic White Lace

While classic white lace may seem like an old-fashioned wedding trend, with a few modern updates, this vintage detail feels stylish and timely. Whether you want to incorporate a touch of romantic texture through small details or wear all-over lace for a truly antique-inspired look, these tips will show you how to wear classic white lace on your wedding day.

white lace wedding dress photo
Photo by *}
  • Wear a white lace veil instead of the usual tulle. Even if your dress is otherwise very simple, this will add that touch of romance that you can only get from lace.
  • Go for a vintage white lace dress. Even if that white lace wedding dress seems a bit dated, with some smart tailoring, it can work for your personal wedding style. That hand-me-down dress from your mother or grandmother may work, after all!
  • Make your own lace headband. For a bohemian look, make your own white lace headband to wear around your forehead. Style it with long, loose waves or a simple chignon.
  • Add some interest to your shoes. If you’re wearing a satin or chiffon dress, it will look stunning with a touch of texture on the shoes via classic white lace.
  • Wear it in your hair. For a tiny touch of classic white lace, wear some lace-covered barrettes to add some interest to your wedding day hairstyle.
white lace wedding photo
Photo by RLHyde

Around the City: Boston Esplanade


Have you ever visited the Boston Esplanade? This unique park is formally known as the Charles River Esplanade, as it is situated right along the banks of the scenic Charles River. While it was first established more than a century ago, the park is still just as popular today as it was back then. Millions of out-of-town visitors and longtime Boston locals alike enjoy strolling along the river’s banks, attending outdoor concerts and even exercising on the Sherbon Street exercise equipment at the Esplanade.

The Boston Esplanade stretches for three miles along the Charles River — which is home to the Head of the Charles Regatta as well as a number of daily runners, bikers and strollers — and it is conveniently located between the popular Museum of Science and the Boston University Bridge. It is filled with lush, green pastures and shady trees, as well as a well-maintained walking trail that stretches right alongside the river.

Boston Esplanade photo
Photo by rjshade

Active visitors enjoy playing games of pick-up baseball on the Esplanade’s Teddy Ebersol’s Red Sox Fields, while those who are interested in boating often set sail on the river itself. If you’re simply looking for a day of relaxation and fun in the sun, you’ll often find people having their own picnics and lounging in the grass with a good book.

The Boston Esplanade is also home to a number of events and activities during the warmer months. The annual Moondance Gala takes place each summer and helps to support the park’s upkeep, while there are also a number of concerts, dances and plays in the covered Hatch Shell. (A number of music events are also hosted in the Hatch Shell throughout the warmer seasons.) Whether you’re looking for a way to take in some of Boston’s famous culture, spend time outdoors with the family or even get some exercise in a scenic space, the Boston Esplanade has it all.