10 Fun Guest Book Ideas
Posted on: April 25, 2016

The idea of a guestbook may seem rather traditional, but many couples are using their creativity to make sure messages for their marital bliss stick around. Couples are choosing works of art, memorabilia and objects with more meaning as a way to commemorate all of those who were there when they said “I do.” Here are some clever ideas on how to have some fun with your guestbook:

wedding reception photo

  1. A Map: Frame a map to have guests sign with a Sharpie. This idea is especially good for couples who have guests attending from all over the world.
  2. Fingerprints: Have your guests leave their mark. Make a family tree that blends the groom’s side with the bride’s side. Create flowers, balloons or fill in other shapes that are significant to your region, your family or an activity you love as a couple.
  3. Quilt: Cut up fabric squares for your guests to write messages or marital advice. When it’s finished, you’ll have a wedding quilt that brings everyone together.
  4. iPad Videos: Use technology to your advantage. Have guests leave their message in video form.
  5. Puzzle Pieces: Set out a full set of puzzle pieces. Once your guests are done signing them, put it together and have it framed for your home.
  6. Time Capsule: Guests can leave messages for you in any vessel of your choosing. Wait for your first anniversary to open it and read them.
  7. Photo Matte: Have guests sign the matting. You can use the matte when you frame one of your favorite wedding photos.
  8. Wine Bottle: Set out a bottle (or more, depending on how many guests you have) and a metallic sharpie. Save the wine for your first anniversary when you can review the messages.
  9. Old Window: This idea is ideal for those rustic, vintage style weddings. Have guests sign the panes and hang it in your home.
  10. Vinyl Record: Have guests sign a vinyl album, a set of skis or any other object that represents your vibe as a couple.