Create a Paris Inspired Bridal Shower with French Hors-d’oeuvres

If you’re planning a Paris-themed bridal shower that you want to be awesomely authentic and amazingly appetizing, whip up some of these délicieux hors- d’oeuvres:

  1. Gougères (cheese puffs) — These light-as-a-feather French treats feature a delightfully doughy texture surrounding a heavenly cheese filling. Gougères are said to come from the town of Tonnerre, in Burgundy, and are most commonly made with a gruyere cheese center.
  2. Brioche with dip — It’s no soiree without a bit of croissant. Pair your fresh-baked brioche with a dreamy dipping sauce, like melted camembert cheese or a sweet cinnamon and sugar sauce, for a fun French finger food that’s perfect for tasting.
  3. Brie and raspberry tartlettes — This crispy, crunchy pre-dinner dessert is bursting with sweet, savory flavors and looks adorable, too. Lightweight and refreshing, this appetizer is absolutely ideal for an summertime shower or spring garden party.
  4. Cheese spread — You can’t have a French-themed party without a full complement of French cheeses. Get a slate cheeseboard or make labels and be sure to include all of the French favorites, including brie, muenster, camembert, gruyere and plenty of varieties of bleu.

Summer Cocktails For Your Party

If you’re looking for a recipe for refreshment, you’ll love these summer cocktails for your barbecues and more.

  1. Summer breeze: Pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, gin, mint leaves and seltzer

The perfect pale pink sipper for a garden party or summertime brunch, the summer breeze is big on tropical flavor with pineapple and grapefruit juices. A splash of bubbly seltzer and fresh mint leaves help cut the gin’s herby flavor. Serve this cocktail over ice.

  1. Basil julep: Basil leaves, simple syrup and Irish whiskey

Give the classic mint julep a full-flavored twist with this basil variety. The sweet basil leaves will give the julep a round, robust flavor that you won’t get with the standard mint julep. This cocktail is great for making ahead in large batches for parties so the herbal flavor is fully absorbed.

  1. Moscow mule: Vodka, ginger beer and lime

It’s not summer without vodka, and this simple summertime staple will get you in the spirit with its effervescent and wholly refreshing mix of ginger beer and lime. You can give this classic cocktail the summertime treatment with additives like fresh strawberries and blueberries, if desired.


Say Forever in a Historic House on Beacon Hill


Image from Luciano Group Photography
Image from Luciano Group Photography

Say “I do” at Boston’s most desirable wedding venue — the truly exquisite Hampshire House. If you’re looking for a ceremony space or reception location that’s quintessentially Boston, our turn-of-the-century Beacon Hill mansion is the finest choice. With opulent Georgian décor complete with lavish Italian marble, exceptional crystal chandeliers and stunning Palladian windows that overlook the Boston Public Garden, there’s no more iconic and historic Boston wedding venue in town.

Our well-equipped staff can help bring your specific wedding day vision to life, whether it is an intimate daytime brunch or an elaborate, elegant evening reception. Our personalized wedding packages range from classic to grand, with a delectable menu that’s tailored to both large and small guests lists plus essential day-of add-ons like complimentary vases, candles and linens to make things as easy as possible for the bride and groom. You’ll have the chance to dine and dance your way to eternity in Boston’s most exceptional private events space. There’s no wedding day experience that quite rivals Hampshire House.


Wedding Colors – Why Settle for Just One?

Picking the picture-perfect wedding palette can make or break your entire wedding theme. Here are a few of this year’s most popular wedding colors and pairings:

Chartreuse, purple and cream

1. Chartreuse, purple and cream for the vintage-inspired team. If you’re going for marvelously mod, there’s no better pairing than chartreuse and purple. This 1960s-inspired palette is perfect for the couple that wants to keep things classic while still going bold with a pop of bright color.

Gold, white and black

2. Gold, white and black for the chic and glamorous duo. If your style profile is heavy on the glitz and glam, you can’t go wrong with a classic black, white and gold theme. This Gatsby-inspired wedding palette is great for the pair that wants everything gilded and glitter-encrusted.

Sage, sunshine and sandalwood

3. Sage, sunshine and sandalwood for the rustic and romantic. This soothing trio of down-to-earth wedding colors draws heavily from nature. Herb-inspired sage wonderfully complements a sunny yellow and warm light brown for your barn or tent wedding. Succulent bouquets are a must with this palette.


The Best Spring Engagement Photo Locations in Boston

Top 5 Locations for Enagement Photos - Spring


This year’s unseasonably dry spring inspired us to check out a variety of outdoor locations in and around Boston that are perfect for your engagement photo session.

Congratulations to all those newly engaged this spring!






Planning the Perfect Nonprofit Fundraiser Dinner

Whether for a long-standing community institution or a nonprofit startup, these tips will help you plan the perfect nonprofit fundraiser dinner to attract big donations and new volunteers.

First and foremost, you’ll want to begin planning months, even a year, in advance. This gives attendees fair notice and also allows you the time required to plan a fun, memorable event. Ask volunteers to help staff the event well in advance.

Next, book your venue and entertainment. If you’re charging a hefty table price, it’s important that guests feel like they get what they paid for, so go big on musical acts or other performers.

When planning a nonprofit dinner, ask local businesses and individuals to sponsor the event with either monetary gifts or donations for a silent auction. A well-stocked auction can double or triple your event profits if it has sought-after items.

Lastly, be sure you provide donation incentives, such as small gifts or priority seating, to attendees that pledge large donations.


How to Plan a Corporate Party – From the Caterer’s Point of View

Planning a corporate party with the perfect menu can feel like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple suggestions you’re sure to woo employees, clients and board members.

  1. Don’t cut corners. Corporate events are some of the most memorable ways to engage with the people that make up your company, so choose high-quality, impressive dishes and ensure that you have a well-equipped wait staff so that things go smoothly.
  2. Choose fresh, local foods. Show that your company is engaged in its community by choosing menu items that are locally sourced and sustainable. By doing this, you’re supporting the local growers, butchers and bakers that also do business in your area.
  3. Customize it. You can reach out to the caterer to see if he or she can whip up dishes that honor your business. Give the baker the creative freedom to create a cake or cookies with your logo or company colors.
  4. Provide options. Always have at least one vegetarian and one gluten-free option available. When you host a large group, you always want to make sure that everyone has something to eat. Be open with the caterer about your expectations of alternative food options.