Baby Shower Planning Checklist

shower4Baby Shower Planning Checklist

If your daughter, sister, or best friend has a new baby on the way, throw an event to remember with the help of Hampshire House’s baby shower checklist. With sweet treats, a pretty venue, and fun shower activities, the mom-to-be will love being celebrated by her closest friends and family. If you are leading the charge for the baby shower planning, here is a checklist to ensure that you cover all of the little details.

Three to Four Months Ahead of Time:

  • Pick a Date — It is generally ideal to host a shower a month or two before the baby’s due date. Think about the time of year and whether you want to take advantage of a cozy fire on the Hampshire House’s third floor in the winter or stroll through the Boston Public Gardens after the affair in the spring or summer.
  • Make a Guest List — While you want to leave the new mom with as few details as possible, it is important to get a sense of who she wants to have at her shower. Will it be coed? Is it for extended family and coworkers or just close friends? Let the mom-to-be make these decisions.
  • Contact the Venue —If you don’t already have a venue in mind, now’s the time to organize a list and make some visits. Hampshire House will work with you to find an available date for your special event, but we generally recommend getting in touch several months ahead of time to ensure that your date and desired space is free.
  • Order or Design Invitations — Once you’ve picked the date, time, and venue, you can order the invitations. It’s important to note that many graphic designers and online invitation services require several weeks for personalization and shipping, so getting your invites ahead of time is key!


Two Months Ahead of Time

  • Plan the MenuWhether you’re looking for light finger foods or a plated meal, the Hampshire House has a variety of delicious items that will satisfy all palates, even pregnancy cravings! Coordinate an elegant brunch or an upscale tea party or opt for a more relaxed gathering in the afternoon. This is also the best time to contact your preferred baker or sweet shop to place a dessert order.
  • Coordinate the Activities — If your party has a theme, consider that in developing the shower games and activities. One fun idea is to have all of your guests bring pictures of themselves as babies and have a guessing contest to see who is who. Another option is to have the parents answer 20 questions about their new baby and then compare their answers at the shower.
  • Delegate Key Roles — Make sure that your friend with the best Instagram account is in charge of taking photos of the party and the pregnant mommy, and coming up with a clever hashtag! You should also designate someone to record gifts as they are opened so that your guest of honor will have all of the information ready for thank you notes.


Six Weeks Ahead of Time

  • Send Out Invitations — At least six weeks before the event, you’ll want to make sure the invitations are in the mail. This will give you enough time to collect the RSVPs and make final adjustments based on head count.
  • Coordinate Décor — If necessary, take a second walk-through of the event to ensure that you have décor for all the important surfaces and areas of the room. If you intend to order fresh flowers from the florist, make sure to get your order in at least six weeks prior to the event, and even earlier if you are planning a larger shower.


The Week of the Shower

  • Check in with the Venue — Contact the venue to make sure that everything is organized for the big day. If you have extra vendors coming (for example, a live band or a photographer) you’ll also want to solidify details with them early in the week. If you intend to have desserts or flowers delivered, ensure that the venue knows to expect them before the event begins.
  • Pick up Final Finishes — Décor and food items that have to wait until the last minute, such as helium balloons and baked goods, should be coordinated in advance.

Vintage Wedding Guide

IMG_1148Vintage Wedding Guide: Throwing an Old-Fashioned Affair

If you’re planning a vintage-inspired wedding, set the perfect backdrop to your special day with the help of Hampshire House. Our turn-of-the-century, five-story Georgian revival home in the center of Beacon Hill will add an air of old-school elegance to your entire event. Vintage weddings are the perfect choice for the couple who loves a classic ambiance with a bit of an eclectic feel, and our special space makes the perfect backdrop for your vintage vision.

Choosing a Vintage Venue

If you’re looking for a unique venue that’s well-suited for a vintage-style wedding, consider choosing a historical setting with architectural features that set the stage. Choosing an indoor setting complete with elaborate woodwork and stunning chandeliers will help you take some of the guesswork out of planning, since you won’t have to recreate the old-fashioned vibe with costly décor rentals. Choose a venue that allows you to decorate freely with whimsical centerpieces, string lights, and plenty of freshly picked flowers.

Constructed in 1910, the Hampshire House has elegant and timeless architecture that has held up over the years. In its over 100 years of existence, the home has dwelled on Beacon Hill and seen generations of Bostonians filter through its rooms. Overlooking the Boston Public Garden, the mansion offers exceptional views from its upper floors. Warm weather weddings can also take advantage of the location to take some photos in the garden before heading indoors. With elegant crown molding, fireplaces on every floor, eye-catching chandeliers, and enchanting staircases, the antique feel of the Hampshire House is sure to complement any vintage theme.

Vintage Wedding Themes

Although all vintage weddings are united by their ability to pay tribute to old-fashioned elements, there are a variety of different roads you can take with this theme. Here are some of the more popular vintage-inspired wedding styles:

  • Antique Chic — Think all things charming, sweet, and antique! Complement your antique chic vibes with elaborate, Victorian frames, and milk glass centerpieces.
  • Rustic Romance — This theme is a good choice for more laid-back vintage affairs. Capture your rustic, romantic side with mason jars, Edison bulb string lights, burlap, and birdcage centerpieces.
  • Free-Spirited Formal — Celebrate your whimsical, free-spirited side when you implement tons of colorful wildflowers, vintage suitcases, flower crowns, and macramé.
  • Old-School Industrial — You can also give your vintage theme a less flowery vibe when you implement hints of retro-inspired industrial charm into your décor. Add filament bulbs and aluminum vases for a style straight from the Industrial Age.


Touches that Set the Stage

If you decide to go all out with vintage inspirations, consider a few different areas to enhance the effect. Vintage wedding dresses that are refurbished by a local designer or seamstress can add an authentic touch. If you want a new dress, look for elements of lace or a 1920s silhouette to evoke the vintage feel. Additionally, you can accessorize with hats, combs, and jewelry depending on which era speaks to you the most. In your event’s décor, look at incorporating color palettes that draw from rose, mint, gold, and other timelessly fashionable colors into your linens, china and centerpieces.