2018 Wedding Trends of the Season

2018 Wedding Trends of the Season

This year, we’re particularly excited to see a lot of couples skipping the rustic and country themes in favor of more classic yet still relatively relaxed motifs. Hampshire House is the perfect venue for any wedding, but especially those wedding themes that exude sophistication, elegance, and unfussy charm.


The Colors Du Jour: Black, Copper, Ultra-Violet

Where the past few seasons have been all about the subdued — blush, gray, sage, and ivory — this year we’re seeing more and more brides veering the way of the statement color. While the soft, easy-to-match pastels aren’t going away anytime soon, they will be bolstered by eye-catching tones this year. As you may know, Pantone picks a Color of the Year each year, and this year it’s ultra violet, a deep yet playful purple that’s perfect for pairing with soft hues. We’re also happy to welcome copper and black accents to the list of popular wedding colors this year.

Flowers: Fresh Florals and Tropical Twists

Flowers aren’t so much a wedding trend as much as they are a wedding staple, but they too ebb and flow with the rest of the wedding world. In the past few years, we’ve seen brides gravitate towards bouquets and centerpiece that were wild, colorful, and jam-packed with peonies. This year, we see that some of the most popular floral designs incorporate tropical elements. Look for plenty of palms, hibiscus, orchids, and maybe even an ornamental pineapple or two. This year, we also expect to see more brightly colored flowers used as accents against softer tones.



Aesthetic: Classic and Time-Honored Charm

Ultra-formal isn’t making a complete comeback, but many brides are ditching trendy wedding accents for more classic ones. One way this is coming to light is through the rebirth of the classic wedding archway and through more traditional colors, including gold and silver tones. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that weddings are becoming more traditional. Brides and grooms are still breaking the mold with unconventional bridal parties and fun food and favors.

Food: Classic and Coastal

In the same way that the aesthetic is veering further away from the totally trendy, so too are food and drink offerings. But again, this doesn’t mean traditional. Classic menus get a very up-to-date twist — think beef tenderloin with a farm-to-table feel or vegan versions of all-time classics. Another way that brides are showing their personal flavor is through locally inspired food choices. In Boston, we’re big fans of the clam bake, and many of our brides request this as an option. We are happy to provide our couples with a clam bake option if they’d like to bring a coastal vibe to the table.

It’s All About Expression

This year is no different than the past few years in that soon-to-be married couples are flexing their creative muscles in ways that help them showcase their personality, love story, and style. Anything that’s expressive, bespoke, and well-executed gets extra points in this year’s wedding planning playbook.


Bridal Showers Traditions/Games

A Celebration Unmatched: Special Bridal Shower Traditions

Your bridal shower is an opportunity to share one of your life’s most momentous occasions, and it’s truly a special day when you get to celebrate it with the ones you love. And for brides, bridesmaids, and maids of honor, bridal shower planning is one of the most exciting parts of the process. You get to shower the bride with love, support, and maybe a few gifts, all while enjoying a relaxing brunch or luncheon. It’s undoubtedly a time to cherish.


Hampshire House is a premier destination for your perfectly planned Boston bridal shower — we’re happy to help you commemorate any special occasion, but especially your nuptials, within the walls of our elegant Beacon Hill mansion. Besides providing you with the perfect setting, we’re also happy to help pick up some of the (sometimes hefty) planning burden. One way we can do that is by helping you plan and execute fun bridal shower games and celebratory customs.

Bridal Shower Traditions and Games

If it’s your first time planning a bridal shower, it helps to know a little bit about how bridal showers typically function. But don’t worry — if you’re dealing with a non-traditional bride or just want to shake things up a little bit, you can skip these customs entirely.

  • Classic Brunch Fare — Who doesn’t love brunch? Often, bridal showers are held during the late morning or midday (with a starting time sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.), thus making it the perfect time for some mimosas, pastries, and coffee. To knock it out of the park, pick selections from our tasteful, locally inspired brunch menu.
  • The Ribbon Bouquet — Typically, the bride-to-be will open her bridal shower gifts during the event (maid of honor, make sure you’re ready with a pen and paper to write down gifts), often after everyone has eaten. During the gift-opening process, bridesmaids or little ones typically collect the discarded ribbons to create a bouquet, which the bride can use during the rehearsal.
  • Advice from Your Elders — Another common bridal shower tradition is getting marriage advice from long-married friends, aunts, grandmas, and moms. You can make this a part of a game or simply have a stack of notecards and a card box displayed so that guests can give advice as needed.
  • The Newlywed Game — Just like the game show of the same name, The Newlywed Game challenges how much you know about your partner. This one is always funny and is sure to get a chuckle out of your guests.
  • The Purse Raid Game — If you’re not embarrassed by the idea of emptying out your purse and showcasing its contents — with the incentive of winning a prize, of course — then the Purse Raid Game is a fun choice. It’s essentially a scavenger hunt using the contents of your guests’ purses.

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Your Own Personal Twist

The most important thing you can do when you’re planning a shower to remember is to partner with a venue that will help you execute your special day in exactly the way you envision. Hampshire House is always honored to help bring bridal showers to life!