Fall Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Fall Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

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Fall evokes feelings of coziness, warmth, and rustic colors and flavors, so it’s no surprise that autumn has become one of the most popular seasons to tie the knot. On top of that, the fall months tend to bring less rain, making it a choice season for those brides and grooms looking to get married outside. With some of the most exquisite wedding venues, flower arrangements, decorations, and menus easy to tailor to everyone’s favorite season, you’ll be swayed to host a romantic, autumnal affair when the leaves begin to change. Let’s cover some of the latest fall wedding trends that will inspire you to orchestrate a dreamy, memorable fall wedding.

Beyond Changing Leaves: Fall Wedding Themes

If your mind automatically goes to a palette of deep orange, yellow, and burgundy when you think about fall-themed affairs, you’ll be happy to know that there are many unique ways you can create a fall vibe without going the expected route. No, you don’t need cornucopia centerpieces or chrysanthemum bouquets to capture the essence of the season. This year, it’s all about making subtle nods to the weather rather than going full-on themed.

  • Fall Femininity — Ditch the burnt color palette in favor of feminine color pairings, like deep purple, gray, sage, and peach. One of the trendiest fall wedding colors to emerge this year is pomegranate. The deep, red-purple hue evokes warm, fall feelings but is simultaneously fresh and contemporary. We love to see brides pair pom with blush, white, and cream, and it’s fun to integrate the fruit into centerpieces and bouquets!
  • Cozy Contemporary — If the air is brisk, take full advantage by incorporating coziness into your wedding theme. One of the best ways to make everything feel cozied out is by choosing a warm, intimate venue like Hampshire House. Be sure that real fireplaces are at the top of your cozy venue checklist so everyone feels right at home.
  • Literary and Lovely — A great alternative to the typical storybook wedding is the literary-chic theme. Capture the feeling of staying in on a chilly, fall night with a good book by incorporating books into every element of your wedding theme. Many book-loving brides and grooms tie the knot in the Hampshire House library, because who doesn’t want to dance all night surrounded by their favorite stories?
  • Redefined Rustic — By definition, fall weddings are rustic. It’s all about connecting with the outdoors at the pumpkin patch, hayride, or bonfire. But if you’re not keen on the typical rustic style that’s been on trend for several years now, consider redefining rustic by replacing burlap with linen, succulents with roses, and wood crates with plush, upholstered furniture. Make it feel rustic with the menu, the music, and the venue.

Fun Fall Finishes: Favors, Flowers, and Food

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Your guests may not notice all of the details you orchestrated for your big day, but there’s a good chance they’ll remember the special little touches woven throughout. Rather than splashing every single element of your wedding with all things fall, consider integrating fall-ish extras through your favors, flowers, and food.

  • Fall Favors: Something to Eat — A great way to celebrate the season and your union is by getting creative with your favors so that people remember your day long after you’ve danced your first dance. Handing out sweet, miniature jars of local jam, candy apples, or hot chocolate mixes is perfect if you’re looking for some flavorful seasonal favors. Anything edible that’s made locally is ideal for capturing the down-to-earth, outdoorsy feel of fall, whether it’s maple syrup, honey, a pie spice mix, granola, olive oil, candy, soda, or anything edible you adore.
  • Fall Flowers — The perfect way to add a fall feel to any wedding is to incorporate traditional fall flowers. But if you’re looking for something outside the mum box, you’re in for a treat! There are plenty of ways you can stay true to your seasonal theme without going cliché. We love the idea of starting with big, blooming peonies and roses dressed up for fall with berries, sumac, lamb’s ear, and billy balls. Deep hues of purple, sage, cream, and blush tie it all together.
  • Fall Food — The most important part of your wedding planning journey… designing the menu! We’re crazy about using food to showcase the season with fresh, local ingredients and seasonal flavors. For example, our chef uses seasonal fruit and berries in our hors d’oeuvres and seasonal roasted vegetables to complement entrees and appetizers. Focus on keeping the menu earthy and hearty with main dishes that warm you up, like peppered tenderloin, rosemary leg of lamb, Applewood smoked ham, and more.

Finding the Perfect Fall Wedding Venue in Boston

If you live in the Northeast like us, you know that your fall wedding is best off indoors (indeed, it’s been known to snow as early as October in the Northeast). Hampshire House is the perfect indoor fall wedding venue for Bostonians and those in the surrounding region. It’s all about old-school charm and storybook details at our turn-of-the-century mansion, so it’s a premier pick for fall nuptials. Be sure to get in touch with us today to start planning your autumn affair!