Holiday Parties in Boston

Holiday Parties in Boston

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If you’re looking for a warm, inviting venue to host your special holiday party this year, Hampshire House is a wonderful option. Surrounded by the turn-of-the-century charm for which we’re known — including grand Palladian windows, commanding oaken bars, breathtaking crystal chandeliers, and working fireplaces on every level — you’ll feel the holiday spirit radiate from around you when you host your gathering at Hampshire House. We invite you to host your small or large gathering within our historic mansion at Beacon Hill.

Creating a Special Seasonal Soiree

Our team is more than happy to help you put together the perfect holiday event, whether it be a company party, an intimate brunch, an organization luncheon, a holiday fundraiser, or simply a small, private affair for only your closest family and friends. Our Boston private events space is warm enough to make even the most frigid New England winters appealing, thanks in part to our cozy entertaining rooms and delectable private events menus curated by our award-winning chefs. We deck the halls with festive holiday décor, and our impeccable service will make you feel inspired and in the spirit.

Hampshire House is more than happy to help you design a holiday party menu like no other, with extra-special seasonal staples and unique additions that give your function a bit of extra holiday spirit. Dining at Hampshire House is a grand culinary experience rich with seasonal flavors and local ingredients from appetizers to desserts to specialty cocktails. During the holidays, we happily infuse flavors of wintery fruits and vegetables that warm you up from the inside out. The meal is the highlight of any holiday event, so we take extra special time and care to design selections with you.

Spend the Holidays with Us

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In addition to being a premier holiday events venue in Boston, Hampshire House is also a destination for special holiday events. All of our seasonal events center around a well-designed holiday menu coupled with special cocktails and beverages that help you capture the holiday spirit. For information on holiday events that are open to the public this season, make sure to stop by our special events page or become a friend on Facebook.

Bostonians, especially those within our Beacon Hill community, have long celebrated special milestones and holidays within the walls of our exceptional turn-of-the-century mansion. We enthusiastically welcome you to make this a part of your holiday tradition, too!

Booking Your Holiday Event

The Hampshire House has been hosting special events for over four decades and our professional events team is always ready to help you plan your special celebration, whether it be a Christmas brunch or a corporate holiday reception. When you’re ready to book your holiday party, please contact our event professionals by phone at 617-227-9600 or via e-mail at


Holiday Wedding Themes

Holiday Wedding Themes


There are a dozen good reasons to have your wedding around the holidays. Maybe it’s the only time of year your closest family and friends are in the same state at the same time. Maybe winter brings milder weather where you live. Maybe you simply adore all things holiday-related and want your wedding day to feel fabulous, festive, and warm. Whatever your reason for attaching your nuptials to this special time of year, we support it!

Pulling together a holiday wedding theme is relatively simple if you know the vibe you’re going for, whether it be totally holly jolly with boughs of evergreens and eggnog cocktails or only subtly festive with red and green accents worked in here and there. The event coordinators here at Hampshire House are happy to help you tie your scheme up in a sweet little bow so it honors the season and your special wedding vision.

Here are some ideas to help you create a holiday-themed wedding that celebrates your unique sense of style in the spirit of the season.

  • Christmas-Chic: Evergreens and Red Roses — If you aren’t opposed to the idea of an overtly Christmas-inspired wedding motif, start with the classics. Evergreen bouquets and boughs of holly draped across tables are instantly made romantic and wedding-worthy with berry red roses. Pepper in some pinecones and have the guys wear holly berry and cedar boutonnieres for a seasonal finish.
  • WinterWoodland: Silver, White, and Dusty Blue — It’s “Frozen” meets “Bambi” with this sweet holiday-ready wedding theme. Use birch accents to capture the woodsiness and then dress things up with icy pops of shimmery silver to create the effect of a snow-draped forest. Incorporate some sparkly woodland figurines and snowflakes for a fairytale-inspired theme all your guests will adore.
  • A New Year’s Eve to Remember: Winter Black Tie — There’s something so fabulous about a New Year’s Eve wedding theme. Think all things dressy, glamorous, and fabulous covered in glimmer gold, black, and white. Go big when you gild everything in a layer of sparkly gold and make the champagne toast a highlight of the evening.
  • Earthy-Meets-Festive: Royally Rustic —Something about this time of year makes events feel like they have to be on the formal end, but you can make your holiday wedding as dressy or as laid-back as you want. Give it a more relaxed, rustic vibe with breezy finishing touches like plaid, wildflowers, and woodgrain. Choose a venue like Hampshire House that has real, working fireplaces to bring an element of coziness and warmth into your scheme.
  • Seasonally Sophisticated: Royal Textures — It’s easy to veer into the world of kitsch when planning a seasonal wedding, but it’s not at all necessary. You can still keep things sophisticated when you include high-end finishes and textures. Incorporate classically decadent hues, like cream, gold, and blush, to give things an upscale feel.
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Ready to book your holiday wedding venue? Beacon Hill’s Hampshire House is happy to help you plan your extra-special affair this season or next!


Skip the Ballroom: Library Wedding Venues for Book Lovers

Looking for the best way to make your storybook romance complete? Consider choosing a beautiful library as your wedding venue. If you’re a book lover, there are plenty of good reasons to surround yourself with reading material on your big day. In fact, more couples are choosing to skip the traditional ballroom in favor of this unique type of location. Learn more about what to consider when you choose a library venue for your wedding.


Incorporate Your Personality

One of the best things about celebrating your wedding in a library is that it gives you the chance to put your personal stamp on the event. The classic ballroom can feel a bit impersonal for couples who really want to incorporate their own interests and personality into their wedding. Surrounding yourself with books for this special occasion shows off your love of reading and creates a unique environment for your guests to enjoy.

Many couples even decide to go with a book theme for their wedding by incorporate various literary details into the event. Some examples include library card-style invitations, book centerpieces, quotes from famous novels, bookmark wedding favors, and paper flowers made with pages from books.

Get a Glamorous Style

A library venue can be the perfect fit for a glamorous wedding style. Generally, you won’t find rustic or casual décor to be a good fit for a library venue, though there may be some exceptions. Libraries typically look best when dressed up luxurious details that fit in with the venue’s existing style.

For example, if you’re in a very modern library, you might want a sleek, glamorous look for your décor. Older libraries with exquisite details are a great fit for an elegant vintage style.

Accommodate Any Guest List

Libraries come in all sizes, so they make a wonderful fit for just about any guest list you have in mind. You can find large libraries that can accommodate hundreds of guests as well as smaller libraries that are better suited to a smaller, intimate wedding celebration. Either way, being surrounded by books can create a warm and inviting setting that makes any wedding feel cozy.

Give Guests Something to Remember

Today’s couples want their wedding to stand out from the crowd. Choosing a library wedding venue is an excellent way to make a big impact on your guests. They’ll never forget the unique setting, especially if you choose to incorporate your love of books into the ceremony and reception. This is a wedding venue that people are sure to talk about for years to come.

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Create Stunning Photo Ops

Wedding photos are sure to play an important role in your celebration regardless of where you host the event. However, libraries make it easy to find several stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures. There will be no shortage of opportunities for your wedding photographer to create unique, memorable images that you’ll cherish for decades to come. Whether it’s portraits of just the two of you or group photos that incorporate your family or wedding party, a library essentially will have built-in backdrops that require zero extra effort when it comes to planning.

It’s easy to see why a library would be the perfect setting for a book lover’s big day. Make your wedding a truly once-in-a-lifetime event by choosing a library venue.


Destination Weddings in Boston: The City of History

Downtown CrossingLooking for the perfect place to host a destination wedding? Consider the historic city of Boston, one of the most fascinating and fun cities on the East Coast. If your guests are going to travel for your wedding, it’s important to make sure they have a destination with plenty to offer (outside of your lovely ceremony and reception, of course). Here are some of the top reasons why Boston is the best city to get married in.

Incredible History

When it comes to American history, it’s hard to top Boston. This city of cobblestone corners and beautiful old buildings features a number of important historical sites. Your guests will love taking a trip along The Freedom Trail, which includes the location of the Boston Tea Party and the Paul Revere House among its many historical stops. The Old Town Trolley Tour is also a great group activity you can host while you guests are in town.

Don’t forget about the historic wedding venues in Boston as well. If you’re looking for a truly memorable place to host your ceremony or reception, there’s no shortage of stunning places where important historical events have taken place.

Exciting Attractions

Besides exploring the city’s history, there’s so much for your guests to enjoy during their visit to Boston for your wedding. The city is home to some of the top museums in the region, including the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, the Harvard Museum of Natural History and The Sports Museum. If kids will be coming along, be sure to let your guests know about the popular Boston Children’s Museum located on the Fort Point Channel.

If you’d like to do a group outing with your guests before or after the wedding, consider getting tickets to a Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the U.S.

Gorgeous Weather Year-Round

Boston is the perfect place to host your destination wedding if you truly want to experience beautiful seasonal weather on your big day. Whether you want a snowy winter wedding, a lush spring wedding, a warm summer wedding, or a colorful fall wedding, you’ll get exactly what you’re hoping for in Boston.

This city gets the very best of all four seasons throughout the year, which can be fun for your guests as well. Suggest seasonal activities for them to enjoy while they’re in town. Popular options include fall foliage tours, ice skating, and whale-watching cruises.

Stunning Photo Ops

Expect your guests’ social media accounts to fill up with fun images from their trip when they visit Boston for your wedding. Whether it’s a lovely photo of one of Boston’s beautiful public gardens or a sweeping view of the skyline, this is a city filled with beautiful places to snap a picture.

When it comes to your own wedding photos, you’ll love that Boston’s historic venues have plenty of stunning backdrops both inside and out. Your wedding photographer will have no trouble finding gorgeous places for your portraits when you get married in Boston.

Choose a location that’s beautiful, interesting, and fun for your destination wedding by planning your big day in Boston. Your guests will enjoy the trip of a lifetime when they come to your wedding.


The Top 8 Questions to Ask About Your Wedding Venue

Are you ready to start looking at wedding venues? This critical part of the wedding planning process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Be ready with these eight questions when viewing a venue and you’ll get the answers you need to make an informed decision about where to host your special event.

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#1: What is the Venue Fee?

The cost of venue should be first question you ask. Couples with a specific budget in mind should ask this question before scheduling a visit; if it’s not in your budget, you don’t need to bother visiting. In addition to the base price for renting the venue, be sure to inquire about other venue-related costs. Some venues charge extra for certain services or the use of tables, chairs, linens, and other furniture and décor.

#2: How Many Guests Can You Fit?

You should have a basic guest list in mind when choosing a venue. Make sure any venue you consider can comfortably fit at least 80 percent of your guest list (since it’s unlikely that everyone will be able to RSVP “yes”).

#3: Is My Date Available?

If you already have a wedding date in mind, make sure the venue is available. Unless you’ve already made specific plans for a particular day, you could choose your wedding date based on what’s available at the venue you love the most.

#4: Does it Fit My Style?

Think about the vision you have for your wedding day. Will you be able to achieve it in this particular venue? While some venues can be decorated in any manner, others already have a specific look that can’t be altered.

#5: What Services are Available?

Do you want an all-inclusive package that includes food and drinks? Will it cost more to hire waitstaff or is that included in the price? Find out about these extra services and inquire about whether there is an on-site wedding coordinator you’ll be able to work with.

#6: Is the Location Convenient?

If any of your guests will be coming from out of town, it’s important to think about whether there are any accommodations nearby. The venue manager should be able to let you know about any local hotels, B&Bs, or house rentals. In addition, think about transportation to and from the venue. Can guests use public transportation? Is there enough parking on site, or should you get a hotel shuttle?

#7: What are Your Restrictions?

Most venues have at least some restrictions. If you want a late-night dance party and they require that the music is off by 9 p.m., that might be a deal breaker. Other venues may have restrictions about alcohol service, decorations, or which vendors you are permitted to hire.

#8: What is the Cancellation Policy?

Wedding venues are a big investment, so it’s important to know what happens to your money if you had to cancel for an unexpected reason. Get the details about what happens to your deposit and whether you get any type of refund in the event of a cancellation.

Take notes about each wedding venue you visit to find out if it suits your needs. You may find a few potential venues you like, and the answers to these questions will help you make a final decision about where to host this once-in-a-lifetime event.


Planning the Perfect Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Planning the Perfect Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


The official kickoff to your wedding weekend is the rehearsal dinner. It’s the time that you get to invite your closest family and friends to celebrate and anticipate what’s to come. Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is meant to thank your family and bridal party for participating in the rehearsal — typically scheduled immediately before a dinner hosted by the couple — and to hand out gifts to those who have made your wedding possible. If you’re in the early stages of the rehearsal dinner planning process, let us help you orchestrate a dreamy special event with all the bells and whistles to set the stage for your coming nuptials.

The Guestlist

The most common question to arise during this phase of the planning process is “Who is invited to the rehearsal dinner?” Like any event you host, you are in charge of the guest list — invite as few or as many people as you’d like. Usually, though, the rehearsal dinner is meant for those closest to the wedding, including the newlyweds-to-be, immediate family members, the entire bridal party, ceremony readers, and the officiant. Essentially, you should be prepared to invite everyone who partakes in the ceremony portion of your wedding to the rehearsal dinner. If it’s in the budget, it’s a nice (and often expected) gesture to invite the significant others of bridal party and family members as well.

The Venue, Date, and Logistics

Knowing the date and the number of people you’re planning to host will help you in narrowing down a venue. Be sure that you choose an elegant, intimate venue if you’re having a large wedding. This will help ensure that you get one-on-one time with everyone involved, which may not be a top priority while you’re tying the knot. When scouting rehearsal dinner venues, make sure that your date is open. Often, we have brides and grooms request to have their rehearsal dinner two days before the wedding, such as a Thursday evening for a Saturday wedding.

Booking an early rehearsal dinner allows for one day of recovery in between the rehearsal and the wedding, which may be helpful if you expect both to be rousing parties or if you simply want to space things out so that the weekend isn’t totally all-consuming. It also opens up more dates if you have a popular, often-booked venue in mind. Just be sure to consider that out-of-town guests will probably only plan to take off for a long weekend, so asking them to arrive sooner than expected may be a bit of an issue. If your plan is to host the dinner early, let everyone know as soon as it’s booked.

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A good rehearsal dinner venue is one that will work hard to capture your unique vision, whether it’s a laid-back, buffet-style affair or an upscale soiree with plated entrees and butler-passed hors d’oeuvres. We love to see couples organize their rehearsal dinner around a single table, especially a long dining table. After all, there are only a few times in your life when you get to host and cater a dinner for all of your favorite people, so it helps if you’re able to share in it together rather than seating everyone at different tables. If this is something you envision, be sure to put it on your list of non-negotiables when touring venues.

The Food

The final piece of the rehearsal dinner planning process is the food. Along with the venue and the guestlist, the menu is the most important part of the day. It’s called the rehearsal dinner, of course! The key to designing your perfect rehearsal dinner menu is to be sure that you showcase some of your favorite items, especially desserts and cocktails, for a personalized flair. To keep it exciting, try to have your rehearsal dinner food vary from the food you’ll serve on the wedding day — keep it fresh!

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We often recommend that soon-to-be-married couples start with a suggested rehearsal dinner menu and then spice things up through a signature drink, dessert feature, or bar. If you’d like a more laid-back feel, you can coordinate a reception-style event with food stations and passed hors d’oeuvres rather than having a formal sit-down dinner. This creates the perfect ambiance for plenty of mingling and enjoying time with friends and family.


Tying it All Together

The key to throwing a well-orchestrated rehearsal dinner is to make it special, intimate, and personalized without adding any additional stress to your wedding planning checklist. Choosing the right venue — one with a helpful events coordinator and a flexible, creative kitchen — is the key to all of this, so choose yours with care!