Around the City: Boston Public Garden Feature
Posted on: June 17, 2016


Around the City: Boston Public Garden

Looking for something fun to do during your stay in Boston? The Public Garden is located just steps from Hampshire House and can fill an afternoon with beautiful sights in a relaxing setting.

Photo Credit: Henry Zbyszynski

The History of Boston’s Public Garden

The Public Garden was established by 1837. It was the first public botanical garden in the country, which is especially fitting considering its adjacent location to Boston Common, the country’s first public park. The garden, which covers 24 acres of land, was designed by famous Boston architect George Frederick Meacham. Forester John Galvin and city engineer James Slade also participated in the planning of the garden. Some of the key features of the park, including the bronze statue of George Washington and the iconic suspension bridge were added in the late 1860s. Boston’s Public Garden was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987.

Notable Garden Features

There are vibrant floral patterns included throughout the park. In fact, there are over 80 species of plants growing there. Visitors often spend hours strolling the meandering paths to view these stunning displays. The lagoon is also a favorite spot in the garden. Though it’s lovely from the shore, even better views are available via a swan boat ride on the lake.

Photo Credit: Henry Zbyszynski

Weddings in the Garden

Due to the beautiful surroundings, many couples choose to have their wedding held in the Public Garden. Besides those married on site, hundreds of couples use the garden as the perfect romantic backdrop for some of their wedding photos. It’s the perfect place to capture pictures of the happy couple along with their bridal party, family and close friends.

Be sure to add a visit to the Public Garden to your Boston visit itinerary. If you’re already planning a stop at Hampshire House, the garden couldn’t be more convenient to explore.