The Benefits of Having an Off-Season Wedding
Posted on: December 21, 2018

One way to make planning a wedding a little less overwhelming is to schedule your event in the off-season. In many places, the months of May through September are considered the peak season for weddings. But from October through April, things slow down considerably for the wedding industry. That can be a major perk for couples who hope to make the wedding planning process as easy (and as affordable) as possible. Here are some of the top benefits of having an off-season wedding.


Cutting Costs

Because there is less demand for wedding services during the off-season months, costs are typically lower. The reduced expenses can apply to just about every aspect of the event, including the venue, the food, the flowers and the photography. Some things, such as wedding attire, don’t usually change price according to the season. However, you’ll find that planning for an off-season wedding will net you significant savings overall.

Don’t forget that the savings may be passed on to your guests as well. Transportation and lodging costs are often lower during the off-season, which is a major perk for guests who will be traveling to attend your nuptials.

Less Competition for Vendors

Do you have your heart set on a certain wedding venue? Are you a huge fan of a particular wedding photographer? You are much more likely to be able to secure the vendors you want for your wedding date if you plan your wedding in the off-season months. Even popular vendors are less likely to be booked up already. And as mentioned above, you may be able to secure a lower rate by hosting your event during a portion of the year when it is sometimes harder for them to get bookings.

Don’t hesitate to ask if a vendor offers discounts during off-peak months. While not all vendors advertise lower rates like these, many are willing to give you a lower price in order to book up these dates when it’s typically harder for them to find clients.

Shorter Timeline

Because more vendors are available for bookings during the quieter months in the wedding industry, it makes it much easier to plan your event in a limited amount of time. If you’re hoping for a short engagement, you’ll love that plenty of options are still available for the off-season even when you’re planning just a few months out. Many couples are able to get their first choice for venues, florists, caterers, bands, DJs, photographers and more by holding the event during these months.

If you tried to plan a wedding during peak season, on the other hand, you’d probably find that many vendors and venues are booked up well in advance. In fact, many popular vendors book up at least a year or even 18 months ahead, leaving couples who want a peak season wedding scrambling to plan everything in time or pushing their wedding date back in order to get the vendors they want.


Who says that you can only take outdoor wedding photos in the summer? With off-season events, it’s still totally possible to get beautiful outdoor shots at your wedding. Whether it’s a beautiful wintry scene blanketed in snow, a romantic, rainy spring day or the colorful leaves of autumn, there are so many ways you can get stunning wedding photos even if your wedding doesn’t take place on a warm, sunny day.

A good photographer will know how to work around any pesky issues you might face by having a wedding during the colder months of the year. For example, they might suggest that the couple find stylish coats to wear during an outdoor winter photo shoot, like an elegant trench coat for the groom or a luxurious fur stole for the bride. You might also bring along winter boots, rain boots, an umbrella or other gear to make sure you stay dry. Since the sun sets earlier, your photographer might plan to take most of the outdoor shots earlier in the day. You could even park your wedding limo or bus nearby so you and your bridal party can warm up in between shots.

Holiday Cheer


If you absolutely love the holidays, why not incorporate that festive atmosphere into your wedding? Hosting your event during the holiday season gives you the perks that come with off-peak weddings along with the fun of having a themed event. Go all out with a Christmas wedding that incorporates beautiful reds and greens. You could even schedule a visit from Santa for the little ones attending your reception.

Another option if a New Year’s Eve wedding. Many people love having a special event to get all dressed up for on this day, so they’ll be thrilled to attend your wedding to celebrate. Keep the party going late and enjoy a big countdown to New Year’s along with a midnight kiss with your brand-new spouse. This kind of festive atmosphere is sure to make your wedding incredibly memorable.

Increased Attendance

With so many people planning weddings during the peak months of May through September, you’re more likely to experience scheduling conflicts if you plan your event during these months. When there are multiple other wedding invitations being received, guests have to make a judgement call about which event they’d rather attend.

By having your wedding during the months of October through April (or whenever off-season occurs in your area), you’ll probably get more RSVPs that say “Yes.” In the late fall, early spring and winter, guests usually have fewer events on their social calendar. Plus, many people plan their vacations during the warmer months, so you’ll also be avoiding conflicts with their travel schedule. When you combine that with the lower prices for air travel and lodging, the off-peak wedding months are your best choice if you want to prioritize high attendance at your event.

Your wedding will be wonderful regardless of what month you plan it for. But if you want to get lower costs, a better selection of vendors, increased attendance and other great perks, consider having your wedding during the off-season.