Checking it Twice: Tips and Useful Tools for Your Event Checklists
Posted on: April 6, 2015

Keeping organized is an important part of hosting any event — whether it is a small-scale corporate retreat or a wedding with a lengthy guest list. These handy apps and programs will help ensure that every element of your affair is accounted for, from RSVPs to itineraries and all the little details in between.

1. Evernote — This essential smartphone app lets you keep tabs on all of your event notes and lists, with an effortless search function and sharing capability that helps ensure that information is well-organized and in the right hands.

2. Microsoft Excel – It may seem obvious, but any event-planner should be savvy enough to take advantage of Excel’s most useful features. This software is a must-have for budget-keeping (the automatic calculations a real life-saver) and organizing names and addresses.

3. Dropbox — Dropbox is a great tool to use if you have event-related documents, like photo slideshows, PowerPoint presentations and other materials that you need to be able to access from the venue. Forget the flash drive and streamline your materials with Dropbox.

4. Tempo Smart Calendar — Up your scheduling capabilities with a smartphone calendar that does more than just keep appointments. This app lets you create detailed daily schedules — minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour — while integrating additional features like maps, Gmail and iPhone-compatible contacts and helpful reminders and alerts.