Creative Sweetheart Table Ideas
Posted on: June 20, 2016

Creative Sweetheart Table Ideas


Unlike a traditional head table, a sweetheart table is just for the newlyweds. It sets you and your new spouse apart from your guests to enjoy a few moments with just the two of you before the party really gets going. Consider dressing up your sweetheart table with one of these ideas:

  • Hearth Table: Set your sweetheart table right in front of the fireplace in one of our elegant rooms at Hampshire House. Add décor to the hearth to create a picture-perfect backdrop.
  • Initials: Whether you paint wooden letters or find big neon light-up letters, adding your initials to the sweetheart table adds a personalized touch.
  • Seat Signs: Hanging wooden signs that say “Mr.” and “Mrs.” on the backs of your chairs is romantic and sweet.
  • Special Table Coverings: If all your guest tables have the same color linens, consider making the sweetheart table stand out with a different tablecloth. You can find linens in lovely ombre shades or even a tablecloth with a glittery sheen.
  • Unique Chairs: Like the linens, you can also set the sweetheart table apart by using different chairs from the rest of the party, like luxurious cushioned armchairs or even a little loveseat for two.
sweetheart tables photo
Photo by Corey Ann

At Hampshire House, we can help your sweetheart table stand out on your big day.