Fall 2017 Wedding Trends
Posted on: October 6, 2017

Fall is always a special time to marry, and the fall 2017 wedding trends in food, flowers, dress, and décor promise to make for some truly unique events at the Hampshire House this season.

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite topic, and the one that often has the most impact on guests: food. Food and drink stations are becoming popular, and not just the well-known dessert bar. Stations are a time-honored way to feed guests a main course or a significant side, ensuring they get exactly what they want in whatever proportion they want.

This season, we are seeing new twists on this traditional idea. How about a carving station that serves barbeque? Or a bar offering potato pancakes with sweet or savory toppings? Hampshire House has offered station dining for years. If you have an idea, we’ll work to make it happen.

Stations can also be used to serve drinks that make your wedding unique, from specialty coffees to craft beers. A professional barista or mixologist can add to the fun. One simple but elegant idea: Borrow a page from the Hampshire House holiday menu and offer a warm beverage station featuring cocoa, cider, or even cordials.

What about the cake? In this department, less is more this fall. Where ornate wedding cakes were once in style, more modest tiers have become the fashion, often sans-topper. These elegant confections often take on a clean and unadorned look (some couples have even opted for a translucent icing effect). When they are adorned, humble greenery, and flowers are in fashion.

Here’s another fall wedding trend: Cakes are getting smaller. Often, they are large enough to facilitate the traditional cutting of the cake, but auxiliary desserts are employed to feed all of the guests. One great idea for fall: pie. If ever there was a season for it, it’s fall.

Flowers and Decor

Popular color schemes this fall will hue toward plums and burgundies, with neutral or pastel accents. Ivory, rather than glaring white, can be used as an accent to create a Victorian effect. Want something bolder? Add a metallic color to your palate. This fall, copper will be popular.

This theme continues in floral arrangements, where wine-colored dahlias are popular. Overall, wild-looking arrangements have taken hold, from bouquets to table decorations. Leafy greens are popular, including some that may surprise you. Succulents, eucalyptus, bay leaf branches, and even berries are all making an appearance on tables this fall. The natural look compliments the season well.

Indeed, tables are the subject of much consideration this fall, when it comes to décor. Many brides and grooms are looking to fill the space between the tabletop and the ceiling, which often goes unused. Formal weddings will use tall candles and candelabras, which will be perfectly at home amid the elegant Italian marble and carved oak paneling at Hampshire House. Other options might include large flower arrangements.

Calligraphy can be used to great effect throughout the event, adding a distinct touch to match elegant surroundings. For example, you can ditch the day-of stationary in favor of custom signage. Cocktail and drink offerings can be written on a mirror. A welcome message can be presented on a blackboard. Either can be adorned with floral arrangements for a custom touch.

Fashion and Dress

Perhaps the most important element in any nuptials — and certainly so for the bride — is the wedding dress. In the fall, temperature often demands longer sleeves and layers. Two-piece separates will be a fall wedding trend. One idea: A cashmere sweater over a full-length bridal skirt. It’s a unique look that can be comfortable, too.

Here’s another comfortable idea: Consider a costume change before the reception. A second, less confining dress, built for dancing, and shoes to match can make the special night painless.

Not to be left out, fashion for grooms this fall will continue efforts to move attire beyond the traditional black suit or tux. Look for fitted, two- and three-piece suits in darker browns, blues, and burgundy. Tweed is also a consideration. With suit, vest, and tie to play with, layered color combinations will be popular.

After all, fall is all about color.



Photo by therealbridgetpalmer
Photo by therealbridgetpalmer