Fall Wedding Venues: What to Look for in a Fall Venue
Posted on: October 11, 2018

Fall Wedding Venues: What to Look for in a Fall Venue


If you’ve decided to make it official in the fall, you’ll be delighted to find that there are thousands of ways to create an elegant autumnal affair that honors your vision. One of the most important elements of a beautifully orchestrated wedding is, of course, the venue. When you’re planning a fall wedding, you must take special care in choosing the setting to ensure that it suits your theme and bodes well for the time of year. Hampshire House is the ideal fall wedding venue in Boston, so we know a thing or two about helping newlyweds-to-be pull together a fabulous fall festivity. Here are some of our best venue-scouting tips.

The Fundamentals of a Good Fall Venue

When you’re looking at wedding venues, make sure that you come with a list of ideas. Categorize your preferences by needs, wants, and bonuses, making clear which items are non-negotiable. Chances are that there are only a few wedding venues in your area that are a 100 percent match, but when you find it, you’ll know you’re making the right decision! Here are some things to look for when scouting fall venues.

  • It’s Indoors — For many parts of the country, the weather is temperamental during October and November. It’s not unusual for snow to fall during this time of year in cooler climates, so planning an outdoor event is often not worth the risk. The last thing you want to do is ask your guests to mingle, dine, and dance outside in sub-zero temps, so our best advice is to pick a dry, heated venue with a view of the changing leaves, like our turn-of-the-century mansion that overlooks Boston Public Garden.
  • It Offers a Seasonal Menu — The food and libations are what most people look forward to the most with regard to weddings, so you want to make it count on the menu! Make sure that your venue (if it’s providing the catering) understands your vision and isn’t offering formulaic, year-round menus that don’t have a ton of personality. Look for establishments with chefs who create thoughtful menus showcasing the local ingredients that are in season.
  • It’s Available on Your Date — Naturally, this one’s incredibly important for weddings in all seasons. But it’s especially important if you intend on hosting your autumn event during the peak season for changing leaves. If you live in the northern United States, look for dates in the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November to ensure that you get the best leaf coloring for your backdrop and photos. These will always be some of the most popular fall wedding dates, so make sure to book well in advance.

The Cozy Details that Make It Special


When it comes to fall weddings, the details are the things that tend to matter the most. It’s all about orchestrating an event that feels warm and cozy despite the brisk fall air, and one that celebrates the delightful colors and flavors of the season. Your venue should be the blank canvas in which you decorate with inviting, fall accents, so be sure it’s appropriate for your special vision before committing!

  • It’s Got a Fireplace (or Two) — Since you can’t have a bonfire inside and you don’t want to risk your big day falling on the first snow storm of the season, it’s vital that you pick a place that has some fire feature to create that much-adored warm, fuzzy feeling inside. We love to see brides and grooms at Hampshire House invite their guests to enjoy freshly made hot chocolate or spiked cider next to the blazing fire! Our couples often get married in front of our exquisite fireplaces, too.
  • It Suits Your Color Palette — Do your due diligence before taking venue tours and come to each with a pre-established color palette and theme in mind. Any carpeting, wallpaper, or upholstery that offsets your style will need to be modified or adjusted (which can add plenty to your final costs) so try to find a place that honors your desired aesthetic and wedding theme.
  • It Can Accommodate Your Special Requests — Say you want to have the chef whip up an extra-special fall entrée or you’d like the venue to help you plan an elaborate pie bar or s’mores station… these are things you don’t want to have to stress over when you’re planning your big day. Go with a venue that will happily accommodate your unique vision and doesn’t attempt to force your wedding motif into a premade mold.

We often say that finding the right venue is something like finding your future spouse — when you know, you know. With a clear vision, a thorough checklist, and an eye for what makes fall weddings so special, you’ll be able to find the picture-perfect spot to say your vows during this favorite season!