Five Fun Halloween Touches to Add to Your Fall Wedding
Posted on: October 31, 2016

If you’re planning a fall wedding and would like to add some fun Halloween-themed touches, it’s very possible to do this while still having an elegant (and not spooky) wedding. There are many autumn themes and decorative ideas that will conjure this beloved holiday without having macabre skeletons and cobwebs hanging around. Here are 5 fun Halloween touches for your fall wedding.


  1. Use a Halloween-Inspired Color Theme

Traditional Halloween colors such as black and orange, along with a little green, will strongly call forth the season. You can use these colors in your invitations, decorations, bridesmaid dresses, accessories and table settings.

  1. Table Centerpieces for a Halloween Wedding

Instead of the just the usual floral arrangements, consider adding symbols of the harvest such as pumpkins, gourds and decorative squashes. Wedding favors can also have a Halloween theme, such as little gifts inside a coffin-shaped box. This might include skull-shaped chocolates, red cranberry candles, black and red licorice or masquerade masks.


  1. Halloween-Themed Cocktails for a Wedding Reception

There are many kinds of specialty cocktails that have a slightly spooky, Halloween vibe. Think of a Bloody Mary or an orange-based drink with an infusion of thick raspberry syrup. Black vodka and triple sec creates a bewitching drink, as does black vodka and cranberry juice. Drinks can be garnished with black olives or red cherries and with coarse orange or red-colored sugar around the rim of the glass. Serve them in Halloween-themed glasses.

  1. Treat Your Guests to a Candy Buffet

Everyone loves candy. If you’re having a Halloween wedding, there will be plenty of seasonal candy available with Halloween themes. Don’t forget traditional favorites like caramel apples and candy corn.

  1. Spooky Photo Shoot

For a unique twist, have a photo booth at the reception that’s decorated with black cats, witches and skeletons. Provide guests with masks and Halloween-themed accessories. Everyone will have fun dressing up and having their pictures taken.

caramel apples photo
Photo by therealbridgetpalmer