Five Questions to Ask Your Caterer
Posted on: March 30, 2015

  1. What do you provide?

Get the details on exactly what your caterer will bring. Some services provide everything, from food to tables and chairs, linens and silverware. Figure out what the caterer provides and what you’ll need to supply yourself.

  1. Do you have other events booked on the same day?

Don’t commit to a catering company that has indicated that they have other events on the same day as your wedding. You’ll want a fully devoted staff that’s focused on your event and guests.

  1. What kind of equipment will you need?

This one is especially important if you’re having an outdoor wedding or a reception someplace that doesn’t have a traditional kitchen. Make sure your caterer can bring the proper equipment for preparing and serving anywhere, if necessary.

  1. Can you bake my wedding cake (or dessert)?

Sometimes, adding your wedding cake or dessert onto the catering budget can save you money and time. Ask the caterer to cut and serve the cake, as well.

  1. Will you allow me to customize my menu?

Many brides and grooms opt to add personalized flavor to their wedding menu, so make sure your caterer is open to this if it’s something you desire.