Fun Bridal Shower Theme Ideas
Posted on: July 18, 2016

Looking for a fun and unique theme for your bridal shower? To make sure that your guests are entertained for the whole party, get everyone involved in a creative theme that will make things feel a lot more festive! Here are a few quirky themes for your upcoming bridal shower at Hampshire House.

  • Perfectly Parisian. Add a little joie de vivre to your bridal shower with a French theme that’s classy and whimsical. Use miniature Eiffel Tower sculptures as the centerpieces, give away colorful French macarons as party favors and play Paris-themed Bingo instead of the usual bridal variety.
mini eiffel tower photo
Photo by stacey harvey
  • A Little Bit Country. Who says that country can’t be classy? If your bride-to-be is a fan of country music, add a bit of that down-home charm to her bridal shower. Decorate your party with gingham tablecloths and bouquets of wildflowers, and make sure to use rustic Mason jars for the party favors.
checkered tablecloth photo
Photo by kurafire
  • A Taste of the Tropics. If your bridal shower is in the summertime, add a pop of tropical flair to give the party a vacation-inspired twist. Decorate with pink flamingos and Hawaiian leis, serve fruity beverages like Mai Tais and mimosas and order cakes in bright bursts of pink, orange and yellow.
mai tai photo
Photo by Johnny Silvercloud