Go-To Guide to Creating the Perfect Fall Wedding
Posted on: November 1, 2016


Are you planning a fall wedding? Autumn is a beautiful season, especially in New England with the colorful foliage. According to wedding experts The Knot, fall is rapidly becoming a very popular time for weddings. If your wedding will be in the New England area, lucky you! There isn’t any place more magical when the autumn colors are in full display. Here is brief guide to creating the perfect fall wedding.


Choosing the Right Date for Your Fall Wedding

If part of your wedding day plan is to take romantic photos of your wedding party outside among breathtaking foliage, check online to see when your location will be at peak color. This handy interactive foliage map from New England Today shows you when the peak days are for each of the New England states. In the Boston area, that would be around mid-October.

Working in Seasonal Autumn Themes

There are many places where you can introduce autumn colors, symbols and traditional foods. Wedding invitations and venue décor can include fall colors such as shades of burnt yellow, orange and brown. Deep reds and purples beautifully complement these colors to create an attractive harvest theme. For fall wedding favors, you might consider pumpkin spiced candles and soaps, maple syrup candies, chocolates in the shape of leaves or small jars of apple butter. For a reception menu, there are many seasonal foods such as pumpkin and other squashes, carrots, sweet potatoes, nuts, seeds and apple cider.

Dressing for an Autumn Wedding

If you have your heart set on that outdoor foliage photo shoot, you can be prepared for those unexpected fall weather changes by bringing along a warm, attractive shawl. In fact, a basket of shawls or wraps for your wedding party is a smart thing to do and it makes the perfect “thank you” wedding gift for your bridesmaids.

Selecting the Perfect Fall Wedding Venue

If you’re planning an autumn wedding in New England, consider Hampshire House for your special day. This stately historical home overflows with New England hospitality and charm, and it is ideally situated in the heart of Beacon Hill, with breathtaking views of the Boston Public Garden. In addition to the cozy and elegant décor, with roaring fireplaces and grand chandeliers, this exquisite mansion is steps away from what the Boston Discovery Guide calls the #1 place for spectacular fall foliage.