Holiday Wedding Themes
Posted on: November 29, 2018

Holiday Wedding Themes


There are a dozen good reasons to have your wedding around the holidays. Maybe it’s the only time of year your closest family and friends are in the same state at the same time. Maybe winter brings milder weather where you live. Maybe you simply adore all things holiday-related and want your wedding day to feel fabulous, festive, and warm. Whatever your reason for attaching your nuptials to this special time of year, we support it!

Pulling together a holiday wedding theme is relatively simple if you know the vibe you’re going for, whether it be totally holly jolly with boughs of evergreens and eggnog cocktails or only subtly festive with red and green accents worked in here and there. The event coordinators here at Hampshire House are happy to help you tie your scheme up in a sweet little bow so it honors the season and your special wedding vision.

Here are some ideas to help you create a holiday-themed wedding that celebrates your unique sense of style in the spirit of the season.

  • Christmas-Chic: Evergreens and Red Roses — If you aren’t opposed to the idea of an overtly Christmas-inspired wedding motif, start with the classics. Evergreen bouquets and boughs of holly draped across tables are instantly made romantic and wedding-worthy with berry red roses. Pepper in some pinecones and have the guys wear holly berry and cedar boutonnieres for a seasonal finish.
  • WinterWoodland: Silver, White, and Dusty Blue — It’s “Frozen” meets “Bambi” with this sweet holiday-ready wedding theme. Use birch accents to capture the woodsiness and then dress things up with icy pops of shimmery silver to create the effect of a snow-draped forest. Incorporate some sparkly woodland figurines and snowflakes for a fairytale-inspired theme all your guests will adore.
  • A New Year’s Eve to Remember: Winter Black Tie — There’s something so fabulous about a New Year’s Eve wedding theme. Think all things dressy, glamorous, and fabulous covered in glimmer gold, black, and white. Go big when you gild everything in a layer of sparkly gold and make the champagne toast a highlight of the evening.
  • Earthy-Meets-Festive: Royally Rustic —Something about this time of year makes events feel like they have to be on the formal end, but you can make your holiday wedding as dressy or as laid-back as you want. Give it a more relaxed, rustic vibe with breezy finishing touches like plaid, wildflowers, and woodgrain. Choose a venue like Hampshire House that has real, working fireplaces to bring an element of coziness and warmth into your scheme.
  • Seasonally Sophisticated: Royal Textures — It’s easy to veer into the world of kitsch when planning a seasonal wedding, but it’s not at all necessary. You can still keep things sophisticated when you include high-end finishes and textures. Incorporate classically decadent hues, like cream, gold, and blush, to give things an upscale feel.
Photography by Binita Patel Photography

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