How to Plan a Corporate Party – From the Caterer’s Point of View
Posted on: June 2, 2015

Planning a corporate party with the perfect menu can feel like a daunting task, but if you follow these simple suggestions you’re sure to woo employees, clients and board members.

  1. Don’t cut corners. Corporate events are some of the most memorable ways to engage with the people that make up your company, so choose high-quality, impressive dishes and ensure that you have a well-equipped wait staff so that things go smoothly.
  2. Choose fresh, local foods. Show that your company is engaged in its community by choosing menu items that are locally sourced and sustainable. By doing this, you’re supporting the local growers, butchers and bakers that also do business in your area.
  3. Customize it. You can reach out to the caterer to see if he or she can whip up dishes that honor your business. Give the baker the creative freedom to create a cake or cookies with your logo or company colors.
  4. Provide options. Always have at least one vegetarian and one gluten-free option available. When you host a large group, you always want to make sure that everyone has something to eat. Be open with the caterer about your expectations of alternative food options.