Incorporate Patterns into your Wedding Theme
Posted on: May 16, 2016

If you’re looking for a surefire way to make your wedding stand out, you might try incorporating patterns into the traditional one- or two-color scheme. If this seems intimidating, here are a few helpful tips that will show you how to pull off patterns in a classy way.

  • Choose a pattern with pops of your chosen colors. In order to create a seamless effect, make sure that your chosen pattern contains a few small pops of a color from your color scheme. This will help your decorations to blend and won’t make the pattern seem so jarring.

wedding patterns photo

  • Use the pattern sparingly. Instead of letting the pattern take over your décor, use it as an accent. Choose one or two colors to use as your main color scheme, and then add small bursts of pattern here and there for an unexpected yet tasteful look.
  • Use it on small items. One great way to incorporate patterns into your décor is by using the pattern in places like the ribbons on the centerpieces, the bows on the backs of chairs and even on the candles.may7
  • Use it on one large item. Another direction you may go in when adding patterns to your décor is using the pattern in one large, statement piece. Try choosing all of your tablecloths in one pattern and keeping everything solid, for example.