Military Wedding Attire
Posted on: May 27, 2015

Photo Credit: maureen lunn via Compfight cc
Traditional saber arch at military wedding. Photo Credit: maureen lunn via Compfight cc

Servicemen and women can create a high-class military wedding with some of these great tips. Whether you’re an active-duty soldier or a war veteran, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of patriotic, military flair on your wedding day. Military grooms should wear mess or Class A uniforms, while bridesmaids and groomsmen should also wear dress uniforms if they are members of the service. While it is not customary for active duty brides to wear dress uniforms, it is up to the bride if she wants to wear dress attire or a traditional wedding gown.

It’s not a military wedding without the traditional saber arch, in which swords or sabers are hoisted to salute the newlyweds. Groomsmen should wear traditional white gloves during the arch of sabers in keeping with this ceremonial tradition. Afterwards, the saber bearers will march into the reception in formation so that the bride and groom may use a saber to cut the cake together. The arch of sabers is a common wedding custom for most military branches, including the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.