Must Haves for a New Year’s Wedding
Posted on: December 13, 2016

New Year’s Eve can be the perfect time for a wedding especially if you are someone who is really into magical themed weddings. Hampshire House has you covered with a list of must-haves that will help you plan your New Year’s Eve wedding in Boston:


Confetti and SparklersThese are two mainstays of any typical New Year’s Eve celebration so you definitely want to incorporate them into your theme. Surround your stage with sparklers and give your guests confetti to welcome the newly joined bride and groom as they enter the wedding hall.

Champagne, Gold, and GlitterA great color scheme for a New Year’s Eve wedding will most certainly include a combination of sparkling gold and silver, but don’t forget to add those little touches of glamorous glitter to give your wedding an extra luxurious touch. Of course, no New Year’s or wedding celebration is complete without a celebratory champagne toast to honor the special couple.

A Midnight Kiss Everyone remembers kissing that special someone as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve so take advantage of this motif and have your friends and family surround you as you celebrate not only your nuptials but also the new year.

new years party photo