New Year, New Styles – Wedding Trends Projected for 2017
Posted on: January 31, 2017

The New Year is finally here. With it come new wedding trends. If you’re planning a wedding this year and are looking for inspiration for your big day, here are some of the trendiest wedding themes for 2017.

rustic wedding decor photo

  • Rustic –In the constant stress of the modern world, there is an obvious appeal to choosing a rustic celebration that encourages guests to celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere. When planning a rustic wedding, think home-grown, natural beauty. For décor, use lots of lanterns, branches, wildflowers, unfinished wood, mason jars, watering cans and the like.
  • Vintage – A vintage-style wedding would be perfect for any couple that would feel more at home in another era. Take your celebration back in time with antiques, family heirlooms, vintage cars, lace, pearls and plenty of candlelight. This theme would also be ideal for any bride who plans to wear a vintage wedding gown passed down through her family.
  • High Drama – The couple that wants to turn their wedding day into an absolutely stunning celebration should consider a high drama theme. A high drama wedding creates an over-the-top atmosphere and drenches everything in excessive beauty. Think overflowing flowers, string lights dripping off of every surface, draped fabric and ribbons, large centerpieces, giant chandeliers, and a fireworks show to end the night.
  • Romance – The theme of romance is perfect for the couple who is in love with being in love. A romance theme borrows a lot from classic, traditional weddings while adding its own softer, sweeter spin. To create a romantic atmosphere, use soft colors, roses, tulips, flower petals on the aisle, candlelight and crystal chandeliers. Keep the focus on the celebration of love.
  • Whimsical – A whimsical wedding might be the perfect thing for the couple who are children at heart. Whimsical weddings really show the creativity and personalities of the couple. Some examples would be to base décor on a movie, seat guests in a spiral instead of rows, use lots of bright colors, get an unconventionally decorated cake, or incorporate origami and paper flowers.

Hampshire House - Exterior Boston wedding venue photo

No matter what theme you choose for your wedding, Hampshire House is the perfect venue. We will work with you to accommodate any décor no matter whether it fits in one of these trending themes or is a completely original creation.