Non-Traditional Bridal Showers at Hampshire House
Posted on: January 3, 2019

The bridal shower is a timeless tradition that gives friends and family a chance to surround the bride-to-be with love and community. However, the typical bridal shower isn’t always a good fit for the guest of honor. If you know a bride who tends to have non-traditional tastes when it comes to her style, consider hosting your event at Hampshire House in Boston. Learn more about the many ways in which this historic venue allows hosts to add a personal touch to the bridal shower so that it’s a completely unique and utterly memorable event.

Classic High Tea

Do you know a bride who’d love to have a shower that’s a bit regaler than your typical cake and punch affair? If so, consider hosting a luxurious high tea gathering at Hampshire House. With unrivaled service in a majestic atmosphere, this type of bridal shower is fit for a queen. Pair elegant tea service featuring a selection of the finest teas with a variety of tea sandwiches, petit fours and patisseries to make this one pre-wedding event where the bride-to-be feels truly pampered.

Dessert Extravaganza


For the bride with a sweet tooth, take advantage of Hampshire House’s distinctive dessert options to host a bridal shower that she’ll love. The guests will have a ball trying delicious bites from all kinds of specialty stations for donuts, flambé, miniature cupcakes, fruit cobblers and more. For the beverages, you can serve fresh brews from a custom coffee bar along with an assortment of teas or hot cocoa. Hampshire House also offers a variety of deluxe cordials, port wines and cognacs that can be served at the event.

Cozy Fireside Gathering

For an event taking place during the fall or winter, nothing sounds quite as cozy as a bridal shower hosted by the fire. Hampshire House offers several stunning rooms featuring ornate fireplaces. This sets the scene for an intimate and warm event where the bride can feel truly cherished by her loved ones. Consider selecting items from the venue’s hearty winter menus to complement the cozy affair, like a hot buffet featuring Maine lobster bisque, chicken Provençal, fresh baked rolls and more.

Cocktail Reception


Since the traditional bridal shower is often a brunch or luncheon affair, why not switch things up with a snazzy cocktail reception? Give the bride-to-be a chance to get dolled up in a lovely cocktail dress and gather with her dearest friends and family. You can serve delightful bites from appetizer stations to keep the guests mixing and mingling throughout the event. Add a personal touch with a signature cocktail based on the bride’s favorite drink. Hampshire House has multiple bars, making it easy to host your event in any room of the venue.

With a wide variety of spaces available throughout Hampshire House, it’s easy to find the perfect fit for your gathering. In addition, our customizable event menus allow you to tailor the party to your unique needs. Make sure the bride-to-be enjoys a non-traditional bridal shower that she truly loves by hosting your event at this popular Boston venue.