Plan Your Wedding Transportation with Hampshire House
Posted on: July 13, 2018

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You want every detail to be perfect, from the dress to the flowers to the dinner menu. There are so many items to decide on and keep organized that it can be easy to overlook something.

Luckily, the experts at Hampshire House are here to help. Because you’ve made the smart choice of hosting your big day at one of Boston’s premier historic venues, you’ve got a team of experienced professionals ready to do their part to make sure everything goes smoothly right up to the moment you and your new spouse leave for the honeymoon.

One of the last things many brides consider is how their guests will get to and from the event. While it might not seem as important as the bridesmaids’ dresses or the musical entertainment, well-organized wedding day transportation can be the deciding factor between a seamless experience and one marred by headaches.

Out-of-Towner Experience

More than likely, you’ve got at least a few guests on your invitation list coming from outside the Boston area. You can make their visit to Beacon Hill more enjoyable by giving them a few options for commuting from Logan Airport. Taking the T is the most environmentally friendly way to get from the airport to downtown Boston, but first-time visitors may prefer something a bit more exciting. A water taxi or water shuttle will give guests a memorable view of Boston Harbor along with the convenience of on-call or scheduled trips from the Logan dock to multiple downtown destinations.

Local Lifts

Even your local friends and loved ones will benefit from your thoughtful transportation recommendations for getting to your wedding — and perhaps for getting home safely after a few champagne toasts. Arranging for a shuttle service between Hampshire House and popular downtown hotels is one way to make sure all your guests are safe and happy. The Old Town Trolley will add a quaint bit of historic flavor to your event while providing a continuous loop of multiple trollies for convenience and comfort. Another option is to arrange for local taxis or cars from Uber or Lyft to be waiting to take your guests home or to their hotels. If you book ahead of time, some services will agree to an hourly or group rate.

Arrive in Style

While taking care of your guests’ needs is important, your wedding party also needs seamless transportation to the venue. If your wedding service is at a church or other location, you’ll want the entire party to arrive at Hampshire House in a style that fits your wedding’s overall theme. A stretch limo brings a touch of luxury, but if you want to add opulence, picture you and your groom stepping out of a Rolls Royce at the grand entrance of Hampshire House. It may be the next best thing to a royal chariot. Also consider the option of the Old Town Trolley, especially if your wedding party includes 10 or more people. Group transport is the best way to make sure everyone is on time and comfortable.

Happily Ever After

The professional and experienced staff at Hampshire House is always available to make recommendations and help you find the perfect vendors for all your wedding day needs. From invitations to seamless transportation, we relish the opportunity to make your big day the manifestation of your wedding dreams.