Skip the Ballroom: Library Wedding Venues for Book Lovers
Posted on: November 21, 2018

Looking for the best way to make your storybook romance complete? Consider choosing a beautiful library as your wedding venue. If you’re a book lover, there are plenty of good reasons to surround yourself with reading material on your big day. In fact, more couples are choosing to skip the traditional ballroom in favor of this unique type of location. Learn more about what to consider when you choose a library venue for your wedding.


Incorporate Your Personality

One of the best things about celebrating your wedding in a library is that it gives you the chance to put your personal stamp on the event. The classic ballroom can feel a bit impersonal for couples who really want to incorporate their own interests and personality into their wedding. Surrounding yourself with books for this special occasion shows off your love of reading and creates a unique environment for your guests to enjoy.

Many couples even decide to go with a book theme for their wedding by incorporate various literary details into the event. Some examples include library card-style invitations, book centerpieces, quotes from famous novels, bookmark wedding favors, and paper flowers made with pages from books.

Get a Glamorous Style

A library venue can be the perfect fit for a glamorous wedding style. Generally, you won’t find rustic or casual décor to be a good fit for a library venue, though there may be some exceptions. Libraries typically look best when dressed up luxurious details that fit in with the venue’s existing style.

For example, if you’re in a very modern library, you might want a sleek, glamorous look for your décor. Older libraries with exquisite details are a great fit for an elegant vintage style.

Accommodate Any Guest List

Libraries come in all sizes, so they make a wonderful fit for just about any guest list you have in mind. You can find large libraries that can accommodate hundreds of guests as well as smaller libraries that are better suited to a smaller, intimate wedding celebration. Either way, being surrounded by books can create a warm and inviting setting that makes any wedding feel cozy.

Give Guests Something to Remember

Today’s couples want their wedding to stand out from the crowd. Choosing a library wedding venue is an excellent way to make a big impact on your guests. They’ll never forget the unique setting, especially if you choose to incorporate your love of books into the ceremony and reception. This is a wedding venue that people are sure to talk about for years to come.

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Create Stunning Photo Ops

Wedding photos are sure to play an important role in your celebration regardless of where you host the event. However, libraries make it easy to find several stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures. There will be no shortage of opportunities for your wedding photographer to create unique, memorable images that you’ll cherish for decades to come. Whether it’s portraits of just the two of you or group photos that incorporate your family or wedding party, a library essentially will have built-in backdrops that require zero extra effort when it comes to planning.

It’s easy to see why a library would be the perfect setting for a book lover’s big day. Make your wedding a truly once-in-a-lifetime event by choosing a library venue.