Small vs. Large Weddings and What is Best for You
Posted on: May 23, 2016

Just about everyone struggles with the guest list for his or her wedding. While you may want to invite everyone you know, your budget, your venue and your planning team make it so that it’s just not possible to do so. When it comes time to actually send out the invitations and create the seating chart, you’ll be faced with some tough decisions about how long to keep the guest list.


To make this decision easier, it helps to decide exactly how many people you want to invite before you even start thinking about specifics. Is it your dream to have a very large wedding, or would you be happier with something smaller and more intimate, with just a few close friends and family? Luckily, Hampshire House has you covered with smart tips for deciding on a small or a large wedding.

  • If you’re on a budget, a small wedding is the way to go. While this may seem obvious, many couples aren’t exactly honest with themselves about how much money they have to spend on a wedding. Sit down with the people paying for the wedding and go over exactly how much you have to spend; if it adds up to less than you thought, consider downsizing the guest list to give yourself some extra funds.
  • If you’re planning the wedding yourself, you may want to go with a small wedding. While professional wedding planners specialize in organizing the transportation, seating, meals and drinks for a large number of people, the average person likely doesn’t have that type of expertise. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches (and you’ll be able to enjoy the big day more) if you go with a smaller guest list.
  • If you aren’t particularly social in your day-to-day life, go with a small wedding. You shouldn’t have to invite a large number of people just because you’re getting married, and you’ll likely feel much more comfortable socializing with just those nearest and dearest to you. Planning a large wedding often makes more reserved people feel stressed out (especially on the big day), so save the hassle and pare down your guest list.


  • If you and your new spouse are starting completely from scratch once you’re married, you may want to have a large wedding so that you can receive more gifts. While this may seem a bit tacky, keep in mind that the reason why people give gifts is to help the new couple. The people in your life will genuinely enjoy contributing to your new life together.
  • If you have a very large, tight-knit family, you may want to opt for a large wedding. This is even truer if both parties have large families. You’ll save yourself the pain of making some difficult cuts from your guest list, and in the end, you may regret not inviting some of those important people.
  • If you want your wedding to take on a fun, party-like atmosphere, you may be more partial to a large wedding. This is especially great if you hired a band or a DJ, or if you’re an extremely fun-loving, social couple in your everyday life.