Create a Paris Inspired Bridal Shower with French Hors-d’oeuvres

If you’re planning a Paris-themed bridal shower that you want to be awesomely authentic and amazingly appetizing, whip up some of these délicieux hors- d’oeuvres:

  1. Gougères (cheese puffs) — These light-as-a-feather French treats feature a delightfully doughy texture surrounding a heavenly cheese filling. Gougères are said to come from the town of Tonnerre, in Burgundy, and are most commonly made with a gruyere cheese center.
  2. Brioche with dip — It’s no soiree without a bit of croissant. Pair your fresh-baked brioche with a dreamy dipping sauce, like melted camembert cheese or a sweet cinnamon and sugar sauce, for a fun French finger food that’s perfect for tasting.
  3. Brie and raspberry tartlettes — This crispy, crunchy pre-dinner dessert is bursting with sweet, savory flavors and looks adorable, too. Lightweight and refreshing, this appetizer is absolutely ideal for an summertime shower or spring garden party.
  4. Cheese spread — You can’t have a French-themed party without a full complement of French cheeses. Get a slate cheeseboard or make labels and be sure to include all of the French favorites, including brie, muenster, camembert, gruyere and plenty of varieties of bleu.