The Benefits of Off-Site Corporate Meetings
Posted on: March 16, 2015

Hampshire House Corporate Meeting
The Thayer Room on the 3rd Floor of the Hampshire House

It may seem obvious, but hosting your corporate meeting off-site can help motivate and energize employees at all levels. According to the Harvard Business Review, “a successful off-site can align executives, galvanize corporate performance and strengthen the company’s position in its industry.”

Off-site corporate meetings can be planned to address large-scale company questions — like a specific company’s plan for future growth — as well as to encourage smaller scale company agendas, like boosting employee morale and strengthening individual department functions. No matter your business’ specific goals, an off-site corporate meeting can be used as a powerful tool to help strengthen your company from the ground up.

Here are some more benefits of hosting your corporate meeting off-site:

> A focused group creates focused results. Inviting a limited number of core participants means that you get strategic conversation that yields thoughtful responses and effective results.

> Actual questions get actual answers. Setting aside time for an off-site corporate meeting that has been planned ahead gives participants the time they need to gather data and do research that will contribute to the conversation.

> Fewer distractions mean higher productivity. Executives and employees who have stepped away from their daily responsibilities — ringing phones, excessive e-mails, etc. — get the opportunity to focus solely on the company’s future or the meeting’s objective.

> Off-sites build team morale. Taking team members out of their typical environment forces them to interact in new ways with their co-workers. Off-site meetings allow for face-to-face conversation in an environment that’s less stressful than the office.

The reason for why off-site meetings are exceptionally productive is simple. An inspiring environment elicits inspiring results. A mediocre backdrop for brainstorming is just that. Having your off-site meeting somewhere that’s forward-thinking, refreshing and stimulating will help team members get reengaged with their employers.