The Truth Behind Popular Wedding Traditions
Posted on: April 26, 2016

Couples come in all shapes and sizes with a variety of backgrounds, cultures and traditions. Some couples believe a wedding is nothing without its traditions, while many others feel that rules are made to be broken. Whichever side you find yourself on, take a step back and think about why you are following these common traditions and how some creative alternatives might suit you better as a couple.

wedding rings photo

The Ceremony

  • It’s bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony. With this tradition, the groom sees the bride at the same time as everyone else. Many couples, however, are opting to see each other in a private reveal. You have both worked hard on your relationship and on your special day, so this pre-ceremony meet-up is your opportunity to take a good look at each other before the mayhem begins.
  • Weddings are a formal affair. From the programs, to the music, the vows and the venue, many couples stress about getting all the details perfectly right. We’re here to encourage you not to take things too seriously. Maybe a religious institution is the perfect place to exchange your vows, or maybe a funny yet heartfelt speech in a rustic barn is more your style. Plan for details that fit you as a couple, not the tradition.
  • The bride’s father should escort her down the aisle. Not only does your escort not have to be your father, but it’s also becoming more common for brides to walk down the aisle solo. Maybe you were closer with your mother or an uncle is the leading man in your life. Maybe you don’t have anyone you feel comfortable asking, or maybe you’d like to be the main focus. This is your day, so make it the way you want it.
  • Bridesmaids are females, and groomsmen are males. If you have six close females in your life, and your groom has six close males in his, then go for it. Have an even number of men and women standing on each side. But many couples have siblings, best friends, family members, etc. that may not fit this tradition. Have those who are most important stand with you, no matter whether they are male or female.

Bridal Accouterment

  • Engagement rings should be a diamond. Diamond engagement rings are a relatively new convention. If diamonds are your favorite gems, then by all means look for that style. But if not, don’t be afraid to look at other gems that catch your eye. There are plenty of beautiful alternatives to diamonds out there, including sapphire, emerald, opal, morganite and more.
  • The bride and groom should have matching wedding bands. While we’re on the topic of rings, it is also becoming more common not to have matching wedding bands. This break from tradition allows both the bride and groom to express their individuality, which undoubtedly attracted you to each other in the first place.
  • The bride wears all white. With so many beautiful colors and prints, why opt for white? Bridal fashion — like all good fashion — is pushing the boundaries on what is expected. Your dress should reflect your personality, so be fearless in blush, black, prints or any other look attire that expresses your style.

The Reception

  • Save the top tier of your cake for your first anniversary. Think about it. You would be eating year-old food. Even though it’s frozen, we don’t find that idea particularly appetizing. Instead, serve the fresh cake to your guests and take a photo of your top tier. Have your original cake baker recreate a new top for your first year celebration.
  • Toss the bouquet and garter. Instead of throwing things at your single friends, think about using that opportunity to recognize the couple that has been married the longest or the couple that most inspired you to get married.

wedding reception photo

What it all comes down to is deciding what is right for the two of you. Your friends and family have — and usually share — their own opinions, but only you and your groom know which traditions fit for you and which ones don’t. Feel free to mix and match the ones you want to follow and the ones you’d rather leave behind. More and more couples are learning to make their own new traditions, touches and moments that make their wedding unique and customized to reflect the type of relationship they have. So feel inspired to step out of the box a bit and get creative!