Top 12 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas from the Pros
Posted on: October 25, 2018

Top 12 Corporate Holiday Party Ideas from the Pros

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Chances are, there are only a couple of times a year that your entire team is all together in one place, and for many companies one of those times is the holiday party. Because you only get one opportunity a year — and because everybody knows that company holiday parties aren’t soon forgotten — it’s important that you spend a little bit of time developing some unique themes, activities, and extras that get your team excited. The corporate holiday party is essential for employee appreciation, team-building, and to make your employees feel like one big family!

Ditch the typical happy hour buffet in favor of some more original party features this year. Feeling stumped? Here are some of the best holiday party ideas gathered from the pros at Hampshire House, your premier Boston holiday party venue!

  1. A Holiday Scavenger Hunt — Encourage team-building like never before when you create an elaborate, holiday-themed scavenger hunt for your employees. We’d recommend renting out a large space for this — perhaps an entire venue with multiple floors and rooms — to keep the hunt self-contained and indoors.
  2. An Unconventional Secret Santa — Corporate gift exchanges are some of the most enjoyable and entertaining parts of the party, but the typical draw-a-name-and-exchange approach can be a little bit boring. Instead, create a game around the exchange. A white elephant game, musical chairs, or a trivia element (guess who the gift is from, for example) can spice up your typical gift swap.
  3. A Tour or Activity Before Dinner — Dinner, dancing, and drinks are essentials for any good holiday gala, but you can break down departmental barriers and encourage new bonds to form when you do something different as a team beforehand. Give your employees a half day off to do something fun, like touring a historical site or seeing a holiday show.
  4. An Element of Giving Back — Remember to give back this time of year by hosting a toy drive, a charity auction, or a fundraising facet that lets you funnel some resources back into your community as you all gather and celebrate together.
  5. Games for Healthy Corporate Competition — You’ll definitely want to get creative with the games this year to encourage some healthy competition among your top performers! Get everyone involved with inclusive games like holiday movie trivia, company-themed bingo, or card games.
  6. A Costumed or Themed Affair — Giving your holiday party a special theme is a wonderful way to get people excited, engaged, and out of their comfort zones! Some popular corporate holiday party themes include roaring 20s, masquerade ball, and white Christmas.

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  7. Custom-Made Drinks, Dinners, and Desserts — Your company is successful because it does things differently, so why not celebrate it through food and spirits? These days, it’s all about creating customized, edible creations for corporate events, such as custom cutout cookies (in the shape of your logo, perhaps) or signature drinks that celebrate something special about your company.
  8. A Corporate Awards Ceremony — There’s no better way to recognize your best employees and no better time to do it! Get creative with both serious and funny company awards and don’t forget to have some trophies or certificates made just for the occasion!
  9. A Visit from Someone Special — No, we’re not talking about Mr. Claus (though that’s never a bad idea, either). Make it a real memorable affair when you hire some special entertainers for the evening, whether it’s an elegant string quartet or a popular local cover band that gets guests dancing.
  10. A Craft or Cookie-Making Station — Sometimes it can be fun to get your creative juices flowing as a group! Setting up a table specifically for making something fun, like a group gingerbread house or cutout sugar cookies, is a sweet way to bond during the season.
  11. Organize a Company Sports Game — If you’ve got a team full of sports-lovers, there’s no better way to get everyone active and engaged than by hosting a special company-wide game. Football is a popular option during the holiday season, but we’d recommend going with something more approachable for all, like whiffle ball or kickball.
  12. Ask for Personalized Toasts — During dinner, open up the mic and invite your
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    employees and their guests to send personalized well wishes to their co-workers and second family. Don’t forget to provide plenty of champagne for some holiday clinking!

Your corporate holiday party will surely be a success if you provide some fun and unique activities that get the whole team involved. With a little bit of thought and planning with your events venue, you’ll be well on your way to a company affair that no one will forget!