Wedding Etiquette: What to Wear as a Guest
Posted on: July 26, 2016

Whether your social calendar is filled with weddings this season or you’re invited to your first wedding of the year, most people say that they’re never quite sure what to wear. From formal affairs to laid-back bashes, these helpful tips will show you what to wear for any type of wedding.

black tie party photo
Photo by bloomfieldevents
  • If the wedding invitation says “black tie,” you can’t get around the dress code. For men, this often means renting a tuxedo complete with a cummerbund and tie. For the ladies, you can’t go wrong with a classic, floor-length evening gown and some great high heels.
  • If the dress code is simply formal, you have a bit more wiggle room when it comes to your outfit. Men will fit right in in a smart suit and shiny pair of dress shoes, while women can wear floor-length, tea-length or even short dresses, provided that they’re more formal than your usual attire.
  • Nowadays, many weddings are more casual, and that means more leniencies when it comes to the dress code. Ladies will want to wear a sundress in warmer weather or a cocktail dress in colder temperatures, but if you know the couple personally, you may want to go more casual or more formal, depending on their wishes. For men, a suit and tie is customary, but if you know that the affair is more laid-back, you may even wear slacks and a button-down shirt without the jacket and tie.