Wedding Photography Trends: Drones
Posted on: April 20, 2015

Why take wedding photos the old-fashioned way (from Earth) when you can get a bird’s-eye view that captures the scene from up above? Since drones have evolved from high-tech military accessories to affordable, camera-equipped personal electronic devices available to most consumers, photographers have come up with many new and unique ways to use them. Drone wedding photos are a great way to capture your special day through video and still photos.

Aerial wedding photos are particularly valuable if your wedding is set someplace that’s unique in nature or architecture, like on a historic property or in an expansive park. Though you might not expect it, modern-day drones can provide an aerial perspective that’s vivid enough to capture precise details like table settings and ceremony decorations. Drone wedding photography is especially useful for capturing the big-picture special moments — like your post-ceremony exit (the view of in-flight rose petals or rice is really quite astounding from above) or first dance.