Week of the Wedding: How to Help Family and Friends Have a Great Time
Posted on: June 3, 2016

Week of the Wedding: How to Help Family & Friends Have a Great Time

The big week has finally arrived, and you’re just days away from your wedding. While it’s a thrilling time for you and your future spouse, your friends and family are just as excited about you two tying the knot. To help make this event even more memorable, consider these tips for keeping your guests entertained and informed through the week of the wedding:

Hand Out Welcome Bags

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It’s a great idea to give welcome bags to your bridal party and any out-of-town guests. Those who are unfamiliar with the Boston area will love having a handy guide that includes a wedding week itinerary and directions to the Hampshire House and other venues included in your celebration. Plus, you can give your guests a guide to some of Boston’s hottest attractions so they can enjoy exploring the area during their visit.

Schedule a Welcome Event


In addition to welcome bags, a welcome event for your guests is another way to include them in the excitement of your wedding week. Whether it’s a laid-back evening of drinks at Bull & Finch Pub or an elegant brunch at one of Hampshire House’s fine dining restaurants, gathering your guests together before or after the wedding also ensures that you get quality time with every guest since the actual wedding day often feels like it goes by in a flash.

Create a Wedding Website

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Today’s modern couples are making unique and easy-to-navigate wedding websites that provide a ton of helpful information for guests. This site can be a go-to resource for family and friends that need to double-check anything from the ceremony time to the venue address at the last minute. Plus, you can add lots of fun details to the site to help guests feel involved. Include an online guestbook that they can use to leave you notes of congratulations or even some marriage advice. Add your engagement photos to the site and include details about who’s in the wedding party. These little touches help guests feel included and increase excitement leading up to the wedding day.

Plan a Wonderful Rehearsal Dinner

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Another event that can potentially be held at Hampshire House is your rehearsal dinner. The mansion provides a luxurious backdrop for treating your officiant, bridal party and closest family members to a nice dinner the night before your wedding. It’s also a great chance for your loved ones to give toasts and celebrate you two as a couple in preparation for the big day.

Arrange for Childcare

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If you’re having an adults-only wedding, it really adds a nice touch to offer an off-site childcare option for parents who you’ve invited to the wedding. That way, guests feel more comfortable being away from their little ones and will be able to truly enjoy your wedding celebrations. Some kid-friendly weddings offer an on-site childcare option just to keep kids entertained during the reception so parents can relax and have fun.

Make Transportation Easy

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Even at venues with a convenient location such as Hampshire House, some out-of-town guests may not know the easiest ways to get to and from your wedding. Send those family and friends a simple guide to local transportation, including options for cabs, ride sharing and public transport. If most guests are staying at one hotel, you may even want to provide a free shuttle to and from the venue.

If you want your guests to enjoy every minute of your wedding week, focus on finding ways to make their experience stress-free. Whether it’s giving them lots of options for local activities or including them in some pre- or post-wedding activities, these ideas are sure to make your guests feel welcome at this special event.