What to Consider When Planning a Wedding during the Holidays
Posted on: November 29, 2016

Planning a wedding anytime of the year has its challenges with many big decisions to be made, but perfecting a wedding schedule during the busy holiday season can be even harder to properly plan the big event. Here is a list of pros and cons to consider if you are contemplating planning your wedding nuptials during the holidays.

Reasons to Plan a Holiday Wedding

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  • Guest Availability – many people save their vacation time during the holidays to combine with their paid time off from work so the ability for guests to take time off for your wedding is higher if it is planned between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Keep in mind that you will want to schedule your holiday wedding far in advance to give your guests as much notice around planning your wedding into their busy holiday schedules.
  • More Time for a Honeymoon – building off of the last point, the bride and groom also will have more time available to plan a much deserved, extended honeymoon.
  • Winter Wonderland Theme – the holidays allow for you to plan a themed wedding highlighting some of your favorite holiday traditions like snowflakes, candy canes, and chocolate. The Hampshire House is prepared with custom, festive decorations adding that perfect elegant tough to your holiday wedding.

Reasons Not to Plan a Holiday Wedding


  • The Busy Holiday Season – although guests will have more time off, they may already have plans to spend with their family during the holidays. If you are planning to have all of your closest friends and family at your holiday wedding you will want to give them at least 6 months’ notice of your event.
  • Busy Venue Schedule – the premier venues like Hampshire House have very busy holiday booking schedules as guests are looking to plan weddings, corporate outings, and family parties. If you want to make sure that your venue is open on your desired date, you will want to schedule you wedding well in advance.
  • December is Expensive – December is already one of the most expensive months for people between holiday gifts and parties so planning or attending a wedding could be a stretch. The best way to combat this would be to layout a strict budget for yourself that incorporates what you want to spend on your wedding while accounting for your annual gift purchases.

Whether you determine that a holiday wedding is right for you or not, the Hampshire House is here to help you plan one of the biggest days of your life in Boston. For more information, contact us at 617-227-9600 or at events@hampshirehouse.com.