What to Include in Your Maid of Honor Speech
Posted on: October 25, 2016

Are you the maid of honor at your best friend or sister’s wedding? Do you have to give a speech? The idea of public speaking, even at such a happy event as a wedding, can fill some people with dread. However, if you plan ahead, you’ll absolutely ace it and people will be complimenting you long after. Here are some ideas on what to include in your maid of honor speech.


An Introduction

Start by introducing yourself and thank the bride and groom (and their families, if appropriate) for including you in their special day. You might also want to begin your speech with a meaningful quote from a song, book or movie that has special meaning for the couple.

Engaging Stories and Anecdotes

Tell everyone how you first met the bride and share special moments you’ve had together, especially those that first came to mind when preparing your speech. Stories that will make people laugh are wonderful, but so are those that are touching and emotional.

Don’t Forget the Groom

Although you likely know your friend or relative much better than her future husband, you should definitely not leave him out of your speech! Share the qualities you love about him and why you think they’re perfect together. Talk about how the couple first met and how their relationship evolved. Again, telling a story is a wonderful way to do this.

End with a Memorable Quote

It is very elegant to begin and end a maid of honor’s speech with a quote from the couple’s favorite movie, book or song that is appropriate and meaningful for them and the assembled guests. Doing this adds a lot of class and sophistication, in addition to giving your speech an even more personal touch.

What to Remember When Writing Your Speech

Keep it short and sweet. Know what you’re going to talk about, so you don’t start to ramble. Avoid using clichéd statements, like how “they’re made for each other.” Make sure your speech comes from the heart and that it reflects your personality and the personality of the couple. Be yourself, but don’t talk about yourself too much! Keep the focus on the happy bride and groom.