Winter Wedding Color Themes
Posted on: December 14, 2018

Winter Wedding Color Schemes


If you’re getting married in the winter, you might feel obligated to paint everything in swashes of crisp white, berry red, and icy blue. But the truth is that the list of colors we associate with winter weddings is ever-expanding, and there are fewer rules now than ever before. With that said, there are three endlessly popular themes of wedding colors du jure: plenty of shimmer, dusty colors, and all things rosy. Here are some of our favorite pairings using these favorites for on-trend winter weddings.

Winter Shimmer: Pops of Silver and Gold

  • Gold, Black, and White — Everything, even a monochromatic motif, is elevated when paired with glammy gold. This trio is perfect for the winter black tie affair. It screams classic, sophisticated, and oh-so-formal, like an event held in our exquisite Beacon Hill mansion.
  • Navy Blue and Gold — If you love the dressy feel of glimmering gold and a dark hue but find that black is a bit too harsh, you can soften things up by pairing gold with navy. This combo creates a bold, regal motif that offers a touch of whimsy and prep.
  • Baby Blue, Silver, and White — Channel your inner ice queen with a scheme of icy blue, shimmering silver and white to create a winter wonderland wedding that looks like it was plucked straight from the pages of a fairytale. The key to achieving this motif in a trendy way is to stick to a pale or powder blue that doesn’t overshadow the silvery-white tones.
  • Gray, Cream, and White — A trendier approach to the blue and silver scheme, gray and cream still provides soft, ice-like vibes but errs on the side of serious and sophisticated. Keep it earthy by adding in some sage or dusty rose.

Dusty Hues and Vintage Blues

  • Dusty Rose, Dark Gray, and Cream — This is one of those unique wedding combos that seems to transcend trend and season. Coupling the eclectic and romantic vibe of dusty rose with winter-worthy dark gray and cream, this motif is equal parts bold and soft.
  • Dusty Blue, Soft Pink, and Cream — Let the oh-so-trendy dusty blue-gray shade set the stage for this earthy and sweet color palette. The soft pink and cream lighten things up but still stays true to a wintery feel.
  • Dusty Blue, Sage, and Deep Blue — Another great complement to dusty blue is sage. Pepper it throughout your décor with sprigs of dried sage, lamb’s-ear and dusty miller or use it as a backdrop with pretty sage-toned bridesmaid’s dresses. Couple the softness of dusty blue and sage with a more commanding blue for a balanced look.

Rose, Red and Romantic

  • Red, Green, and White — Who says holiday hues can’t shine through on your wedding day? The key is to give the classic Christmas trio a bit of a trendy upgrade. Maybe swap the berry red for eggplant and the green for sage to give this grouping its own special twist.
  • Aubergine, Gray, and Cream — As far as shades of red go, aubergine is one of the most beloved this season! The plum-like hue of deep purple pairs beautifully with a medium gray and cream, creating a stylish gradient effect that looks right in every setting.
  • Plum, Rose Gold, and Sand — Speaking of plum… you can soften it even further when you style it with a sweet rose gold and earthy sand to create a look that’s trendy yet easy to match.