Like many chefs, Hampshire House Executive Chef, Markus Ripperger has read hundreds of cookbooks and compiled thousands of recipes. Rather than exact formulas, Markus looks for ideas and inspirations because he likes to cook from the heart, giving each dish his personal touch. Markus’ style is clearly reflected in the Hampshire House menu creations.

At the Hampshire House we offer innovative new foods and some old classics with a modern and fresh approach. Our menus are all encompassing presenting home-cooked comfort food to modern, upscale dining as well as seasonal options that highlight the best the “local” market has to offer. Each menu item is fresh and flavorful and is presented with its own accompaniments, sauces and garnishes to best enhance the main ingredients and overall appearance of the dish. We consider our menus to be suggestions, and we are always happy to custom design the perfect menu. Our goal is to create a style that matches each client vision and expectation of their event