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How to Choose A Color Scheme for Your Wedding


Posted on: February 18, 2020
Photo Credit: Ptaufiq Photography
Florist: Artistic Blossoms

There are dozens of decisions to make when planning your Boston wedding. Wedding color scheme is one of the first and most important ones, since other particulars, like flowers, décor, bridesmaids’ dresses and even invitations, carry these colors forward. While it may seem difficult to pick your wedding colors, remember that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to creatively express you and your partner’s unique tastes and personalities.

For help selecting your wedding color palette, consider the following five factors:

1. Season: The time of year when you’ll be married can be a natural inspiration for wedding colors. Which colors best capture the mood of the specific season for you and your partner? A summer wedding color scheme might include intense coral, vibrant yellow, sunlit lilac and leafy green hues offset with a neutral tone of beige or white. On the other hand, for a winter wedding color scheme, you could choose royal blue, rich emerald green, shimmering silver or lustrous gold paired with cooler grays or bright whites to set the ideal tone.

2. Location and Time of Day: Try to complement your wedding color scheme with the location and planned time of day of your wedding and reception. For example, at the Hampshire House, our Boston venue’s elegant Victorian architecture and décor lend themselves to colors that exemplify classic sophistication and sumptuous splendor. Since our tall Palladian windows overlook the Boston Public Gardens, hues from nature — including amazing, multicolored arrays of flowers — can also be highlighted.

Darker, richer color tones more often accompany late-afternoon or evening weddings, versus lighter pastel shades earlier in the day. This is merely a popular suggestion, however. You should allow room for your own creativity and individuality as well. Regardless of what colors you choose, be sure to pair them with contrasting tones to accentuate their combined appeal.

3. Special Meaning: Were you wearing a dazzling red dress the first time you and your fiancée met? Was it their blue eyes that made your heart flutter when you started dating? Were pink lilacs in bloom around the time the two of you fell in love? If there are special colors in the “aura” of your relationship, add even more romance and include them in your wedding celebration. This is a way to capture that little something special to you and your partner and convey it to those celebrating with you as a couple.

4. Personal Dreams: Everyone has dreamed of their wedding day at least once. There is something magical about a celebration of love that leads you to want to make it a reality. Maybe you always imagined a castle ceremony, dancing with your new spouse in magnificent marble ballroom. In that case, the Hampshire House embodies this look with Italian marble throughout for that elegant, fairy tale style. Such a regal style calls for rich, stately colors balanced with neutral tones. Those who adore glamour chic might opt for metallic silver and gold, pearl white, midnight blue or champagne. But not everyone prefers a castle. If you always imagined a more casual, or Bohemian aesthetic, earthy hues offset with jewel tones is the way to go. For those who like things a big more rustic, greens and blues, peachy beige tones or warm browns are ideal. You might think that your dream wedding will never be a reality, but what you imagine can shine through in the color palette you choose. Your dreams can shape the entire tone of your wedding, so don’t dismiss them.

COLOR SCHEME FOR YOUR BOSTON WEDDING 5. Your Favorites: Have you always adored purple, ever since you were permitted to paint your bedroom when you were a teenager? Maybe your first vehicle was an old pickup truck painted cherry red. Is your closet full of browns and corals because those are the colors that flatter your complexion? If you and your partner have favorite colors, delight and indulge yourselves by playing them up at your wedding.

Remember — the most important goal in your wedding planning is not necessarily to fit any given color formula or trend, but to make you and your spouse-to-be happy on this most glorious day of your lives together.