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Wedding Menu Ideas

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Posted on: March 9, 2020

As with the other aspects of your wedding, the food you serve at your reception absolutely can and should reflect the preferences and style of you and your partner. However, it must also appeal to your guests. Though there are countless wedding reception menu ideas, it helps to be aware of a few basic ground rules for selecting what to serve. The aim here is not only to be happy with what you and your new spouse are eating, but also to help your guests feel welcomed and appreciated as they join in your celebration.

Practicality — Your Budget. This part of wedding planning may not be the most glamorous or fun, as it involves financial calculations for budgeting out your wedding menu options. Nonetheless, this lays the groundwork for making decisions by eliminating what you can’t afford leaves you free to focus on what is possible within your budget. So, it’s wise to do this well in advance.

As you plan your wedding and reception, and get an idea of the costs involved — your attire, venue reservations, décor, photography, flowers, alcoholic beverages, etc. just to name a few — you will see how much money can be allotted for the reception meal. Depending on what you feel is most important, you can reduce expenditures in one area and redirect them to another. And for people who appreciate excellent food, the meal may be a priority.

Nowadays, there is a trend away from the “usual” wedding fare in favor of more innovative options. Executive chef Markus Ripperger at the Hampshire House is an expert at combining flavors and textures for the unique delicacies included in our Boston wedding reception menu. Some of his amazing recipes include Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Pan-Roasted Wild Salmon with Truffle Vinaigrette, and Cardamom-Sautéed Shrimp and Scallops.

Food to Satisfy Everyone. As much as possible, try to offer an assortment of dishes so that guests have plenty of distinct flavor choices. A wide array of foods — which lends itself most easily to appetizers and sides in particular — gives your guests the delightful experience of trying different taste combinations. Beyond treating your guests to something of a culinary adventure, offering a diverse selection allows everyone to feel satisfied. No one should leave a wedding reception hungry.

For those couples with a more quirky taste, there are unlimited creative wedding menu ideas. A few recent dessert trends include pre-layered s’mores for guests to roast over a venue’s open firepit, or even a “donut wall,” where an array of donuts hang on pegs for guests to grab. A sight for the eyes as well as tasty. For an appetizer, you could try a “cheese-cake” — a stacked arrangement of gourmet cheeses for sampling, paired with warm bread.

Special Food for Special Guests. Now more than ever, couples need to be aware of the dietary needs of their guests. Whether for religious or health reasons, some guests cannot eat certain types of food. As much as possible, you should seek to respect the deity needs and restrictions of your guests. Among the needs and preferences to consider are food allergies (which can be very severe), vegetarianism, veganism, gluten or lactose intolerances, GMO-Free diets, and even Paleo diets.

While it can be impossible to completely satisfy everyone, your wedding reception menu ideas should include meat-free options, along with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. We live in a world were eco-friendliness and sustainability are a major priority, and food choices for your wedding can reflect this as well. Chef Ripperger at the Hampshire House is particularly passionate about sustainable cuisine based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Some of his latest creations are GMO-Free Sweet Corn Tartlets and Organic Chantenay Carrot Soup. A versatile caterer or expert chef like ours is invaluable in addressing the needs of your guests, to ensure everyone is safe, well-fed, and happy.