Fall Wedding Venues: What to Look for in a Fall Venue

Fall Wedding Venues: What to Look for in a Fall Venue


If you’ve decided to make it official in the fall, you’ll be delighted to find that there are thousands of ways to create an elegant autumnal affair that honors your vision. One of the most important elements of a beautifully orchestrated wedding is, of course, the venue. When you’re planning a fall wedding, you must take special care in choosing the setting to ensure that it suits your theme and bodes well for the time of year. Hampshire House is the ideal fall wedding venue in Boston, so we know a thing or two about helping newlyweds-to-be pull together a fabulous fall festivity. Here are some of our best venue-scouting tips.

The Fundamentals of a Good Fall Venue

When you’re looking at wedding venues, make sure that you come with a list of ideas. Categorize your preferences by needs, wants, and bonuses, making clear which items are non-negotiable. Chances are that there are only a few wedding venues in your area that are a 100 percent match, but when you find it, you’ll know you’re making the right decision! Here are some things to look for when scouting fall venues.

  • It’s Indoors — For many parts of the country, the weather is temperamental during October and November. It’s not unusual for snow to fall during this time of year in cooler climates, so planning an outdoor event is often not worth the risk. The last thing you want to do is ask your guests to mingle, dine, and dance outside in sub-zero temps, so our best advice is to pick a dry, heated venue with a view of the changing leaves, like our turn-of-the-century mansion that overlooks Boston Public Garden.
  • It Offers a Seasonal Menu — The food and libations are what most people look forward to the most with regard to weddings, so you want to make it count on the menu! Make sure that your venue (if it’s providing the catering) understands your vision and isn’t offering formulaic, year-round menus that don’t have a ton of personality. Look for establishments with chefs who create thoughtful menus showcasing the local ingredients that are in season.
  • It’s Available on Your Date — Naturally, this one’s incredibly important for weddings in all seasons. But it’s especially important if you intend on hosting your autumn event during the peak season for changing leaves. If you live in the northern United States, look for dates in the last two weeks of October and the first two weeks of November to ensure that you get the best leaf coloring for your backdrop and photos. These will always be some of the most popular fall wedding dates, so make sure to book well in advance.

The Cozy Details that Make It Special


When it comes to fall weddings, the details are the things that tend to matter the most. It’s all about orchestrating an event that feels warm and cozy despite the brisk fall air, and one that celebrates the delightful colors and flavors of the season. Your venue should be the blank canvas in which you decorate with inviting, fall accents, so be sure it’s appropriate for your special vision before committing!

  • It’s Got a Fireplace (or Two) — Since you can’t have a bonfire inside and you don’t want to risk your big day falling on the first snow storm of the season, it’s vital that you pick a place that has some fire feature to create that much-adored warm, fuzzy feeling inside. We love to see brides and grooms at Hampshire House invite their guests to enjoy freshly made hot chocolate or spiked cider next to the blazing fire! Our couples often get married in front of our exquisite fireplaces, too.
  • It Suits Your Color Palette — Do your due diligence before taking venue tours and come to each with a pre-established color palette and theme in mind. Any carpeting, wallpaper, or upholstery that offsets your style will need to be modified or adjusted (which can add plenty to your final costs) so try to find a place that honors your desired aesthetic and wedding theme.
  • It Can Accommodate Your Special Requests — Say you want to have the chef whip up an extra-special fall entrée or you’d like the venue to help you plan an elaborate pie bar or s’mores station… these are things you don’t want to have to stress over when you’re planning your big day. Go with a venue that will happily accommodate your unique vision and doesn’t attempt to force your wedding motif into a premade mold.

We often say that finding the right venue is something like finding your future spouse — when you know, you know. With a clear vision, a thorough checklist, and an eye for what makes fall weddings so special, you’ll be able to find the picture-perfect spot to say your vows during this favorite season!



Fall Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Fall Wedding Ideas and Inspiration

Photo by hannah_garcia

Fall evokes feelings of coziness, warmth, and rustic colors and flavors, so it’s no surprise that autumn has become one of the most popular seasons to tie the knot. On top of that, the fall months tend to bring less rain, making it a choice season for those brides and grooms looking to get married outside. With some of the most exquisite wedding venues, flower arrangements, decorations, and menus easy to tailor to everyone’s favorite season, you’ll be swayed to host a romantic, autumnal affair when the leaves begin to change. Let’s cover some of the latest fall wedding trends that will inspire you to orchestrate a dreamy, memorable fall wedding.

Beyond Changing Leaves: Fall Wedding Themes

If your mind automatically goes to a palette of deep orange, yellow, and burgundy when you think about fall-themed affairs, you’ll be happy to know that there are many unique ways you can create a fall vibe without going the expected route. No, you don’t need cornucopia centerpieces or chrysanthemum bouquets to capture the essence of the season. This year, it’s all about making subtle nods to the weather rather than going full-on themed.

  • Fall Femininity — Ditch the burnt color palette in favor of feminine color pairings, like deep purple, gray, sage, and peach. One of the trendiest fall wedding colors to emerge this year is pomegranate. The deep, red-purple hue evokes warm, fall feelings but is simultaneously fresh and contemporary. We love to see brides pair pom with blush, white, and cream, and it’s fun to integrate the fruit into centerpieces and bouquets!
  • Cozy Contemporary — If the air is brisk, take full advantage by incorporating coziness into your wedding theme. One of the best ways to make everything feel cozied out is by choosing a warm, intimate venue like Hampshire House. Be sure that real fireplaces are at the top of your cozy venue checklist so everyone feels right at home.
  • Literary and Lovely — A great alternative to the typical storybook wedding is the literary-chic theme. Capture the feeling of staying in on a chilly, fall night with a good book by incorporating books into every element of your wedding theme. Many book-loving brides and grooms tie the knot in the Hampshire House library, because who doesn’t want to dance all night surrounded by their favorite stories?
  • Redefined Rustic — By definition, fall weddings are rustic. It’s all about connecting with the outdoors at the pumpkin patch, hayride, or bonfire. But if you’re not keen on the typical rustic style that’s been on trend for several years now, consider redefining rustic by replacing burlap with linen, succulents with roses, and wood crates with plush, upholstered furniture. Make it feel rustic with the menu, the music, and the venue.

Fun Fall Finishes: Favors, Flowers, and Food

Photo Credit: floralpride via Compfight cc

Your guests may not notice all of the details you orchestrated for your big day, but there’s a good chance they’ll remember the special little touches woven throughout. Rather than splashing every single element of your wedding with all things fall, consider integrating fall-ish extras through your favors, flowers, and food.

  • Fall Favors: Something to Eat — A great way to celebrate the season and your union is by getting creative with your favors so that people remember your day long after you’ve danced your first dance. Handing out sweet, miniature jars of local jam, candy apples, or hot chocolate mixes is perfect if you’re looking for some flavorful seasonal favors. Anything edible that’s made locally is ideal for capturing the down-to-earth, outdoorsy feel of fall, whether it’s maple syrup, honey, a pie spice mix, granola, olive oil, candy, soda, or anything edible you adore.
  • Fall Flowers — The perfect way to add a fall feel to any wedding is to incorporate traditional fall flowers. But if you’re looking for something outside the mum box, you’re in for a treat! There are plenty of ways you can stay true to your seasonal theme without going cliché. We love the idea of starting with big, blooming peonies and roses dressed up for fall with berries, sumac, lamb’s ear, and billy balls. Deep hues of purple, sage, cream, and blush tie it all together.
  • Fall Food — The most important part of your wedding planning journey… designing the menu! We’re crazy about using food to showcase the season with fresh, local ingredients and seasonal flavors. For example, our chef uses seasonal fruit and berries in our hors d’oeuvres and seasonal roasted vegetables to complement entrees and appetizers. Focus on keeping the menu earthy and hearty with main dishes that warm you up, like peppered tenderloin, rosemary leg of lamb, Applewood smoked ham, and more.

Finding the Perfect Fall Wedding Venue in Boston

If you live in the Northeast like us, you know that your fall wedding is best off indoors (indeed, it’s been known to snow as early as October in the Northeast). Hampshire House is the perfect indoor fall wedding venue for Bostonians and those in the surrounding region. It’s all about old-school charm and storybook details at our turn-of-the-century mansion, so it’s a premier pick for fall nuptials. Be sure to get in touch with us today to start planning your autumn affair!


Celebrate in Style at Hampshire House Fall 2018

Hampshire House is the premier wedding venue in Boston, but it’s also the most sought-after place to hold myriad other events. From meetings and training seminars to birthday parties and New Year celebrations, we can help you add elegance and style to any gathering.

Corporate Events

Impress clients and make employees feel truly valued with a corporate event at the historic Hampshire House. Whether you’re entertaining out-of-town investors or celebrating milestones of employment, our elegant ambiance and professional staff are sure to impress. Your group of 10 to 100 guests will enjoy breathtaking views of Boston Public Gardens and the warmth of a roaring fire from your own private floor of this stately home. Hampshire House has great amenities including high-speed Wi-Fi, full professional audio/visual services, valet parking, and complete privacy. Book your corporate event early to be sure of your preferred date.

Family Celebrations

Hampshire House has a long history of celebrating in style that reaches back to the high-society Thayer family of the early 20th century. Let our crystal chandeliers, Italian marble and carved oak panels add a touch of elegance to your rehearsal dinner, baby shower, birthday, or anniversary party this fall. Our professional and experienced staff are eager to help with all the details, from customized desserts to specialty drink options to menus tailored for any taste. Your guests will mingle and luxuriate in style by a cozy fireplace and enjoy exquisite views from tall Palladian windows while toasting the special day in style.

Holiday Festivities

The holidays call for a special touch of elegance, and Hampshire House offers an unparalleled experience, whether you’re thanking your employees for another banner year or welcoming the New Year with family and friends. The historic mansion is designed for the holiday season, making it an effortless venue for your celebration. Seasonally inspired menus, impeccable service, and professional planning assistance will help make your event a truly memorable occasion.

Season of Joy

Whatever event you’re planning for the fall of 2018, make it special with the elegant ambiance of Hampshire House. Our staff have the experience and knowledge to help you create an unforgettable holiday celebration with impeccable style and attention to detail.


Plan Your Wedding Transportation with Hampshire House

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. You want every detail to be perfect, from the dress to the flowers to the dinner menu. There are so many items to decide on and keep organized that it can be easy to overlook something.

Luckily, the experts at Hampshire House are here to help. Because you’ve made the smart choice of hosting your big day at one of Boston’s premier historic venues, you’ve got a team of experienced professionals ready to do their part to make sure everything goes smoothly right up to the moment you and your new spouse leave for the honeymoon.

One of the last things many brides consider is how their guests will get to and from the event. While it might not seem as important as the bridesmaids’ dresses or the musical entertainment, well-organized wedding day transportation can be the deciding factor between a seamless experience and one marred by headaches.

Out-of-Towner Experience

More than likely, you’ve got at least a few guests on your invitation list coming from outside the Boston area. You can make their visit to Beacon Hill more enjoyable by giving them a few options for commuting from Logan Airport. Taking the T is the most environmentally friendly way to get from the airport to downtown Boston, but first-time visitors may prefer something a bit more exciting. A water taxi or water shuttle will give guests a memorable view of Boston Harbor along with the convenience of on-call or scheduled trips from the Logan dock to multiple downtown destinations.

Local Lifts

Even your local friends and loved ones will benefit from your thoughtful transportation recommendations for getting to your wedding — and perhaps for getting home safely after a few champagne toasts. Arranging for a shuttle service between Hampshire House and popular downtown hotels is one way to make sure all your guests are safe and happy. The Old Town Trolley will add a quaint bit of historic flavor to your event while providing a continuous loop of multiple trollies for convenience and comfort. Another option is to arrange for local taxis or cars from Uber or Lyft to be waiting to take your guests home or to their hotels. If you book ahead of time, some services will agree to an hourly or group rate.

Arrive in Style

While taking care of your guests’ needs is important, your wedding party also needs seamless transportation to the venue. If your wedding service is at a church or other location, you’ll want the entire party to arrive at Hampshire House in a style that fits your wedding’s overall theme. A stretch limo brings a touch of luxury, but if you want to add opulence, picture you and your groom stepping out of a Rolls Royce at the grand entrance of Hampshire House. It may be the next best thing to a royal chariot. Also consider the option of the Old Town Trolley, especially if your wedding party includes 10 or more people. Group transport is the best way to make sure everyone is on time and comfortable.

Happily Ever After

The professional and experienced staff at Hampshire House is always available to make recommendations and help you find the perfect vendors for all your wedding day needs. From invitations to seamless transportation, we relish the opportunity to make your big day the manifestation of your wedding dreams.


2018 Wedding Trends of the Season

2018 Wedding Trends of the Season

This year, we’re particularly excited to see a lot of couples skipping the rustic and country themes in favor of more classic yet still relatively relaxed motifs. Hampshire House is the perfect venue for any wedding, but especially those wedding themes that exude sophistication, elegance, and unfussy charm.


The Colors Du Jour: Black, Copper, Ultra-Violet

Where the past few seasons have been all about the subdued — blush, gray, sage, and ivory — this year we’re seeing more and more brides veering the way of the statement color. While the soft, easy-to-match pastels aren’t going away anytime soon, they will be bolstered by eye-catching tones this year. As you may know, Pantone picks a Color of the Year each year, and this year it’s ultra violet, a deep yet playful purple that’s perfect for pairing with soft hues. We’re also happy to welcome copper and black accents to the list of popular wedding colors this year.

Flowers: Fresh Florals and Tropical Twists

Flowers aren’t so much a wedding trend as much as they are a wedding staple, but they too ebb and flow with the rest of the wedding world. In the past few years, we’ve seen brides gravitate towards bouquets and centerpiece that were wild, colorful, and jam-packed with peonies. This year, we see that some of the most popular floral designs incorporate tropical elements. Look for plenty of palms, hibiscus, orchids, and maybe even an ornamental pineapple or two. This year, we also expect to see more brightly colored flowers used as accents against softer tones.



Aesthetic: Classic and Time-Honored Charm

Ultra-formal isn’t making a complete comeback, but many brides are ditching trendy wedding accents for more classic ones. One way this is coming to light is through the rebirth of the classic wedding archway and through more traditional colors, including gold and silver tones. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that weddings are becoming more traditional. Brides and grooms are still breaking the mold with unconventional bridal parties and fun food and favors.

Food: Classic and Coastal

In the same way that the aesthetic is veering further away from the totally trendy, so too are food and drink offerings. But again, this doesn’t mean traditional. Classic menus get a very up-to-date twist — think beef tenderloin with a farm-to-table feel or vegan versions of all-time classics. Another way that brides are showing their personal flavor is through locally inspired food choices. In Boston, we’re big fans of the clam bake, and many of our brides request this as an option. We are happy to provide our couples with a clam bake option if they’d like to bring a coastal vibe to the table.

It’s All About Expression

This year is no different than the past few years in that soon-to-be married couples are flexing their creative muscles in ways that help them showcase their personality, love story, and style. Anything that’s expressive, bespoke, and well-executed gets extra points in this year’s wedding planning playbook.


Bridal Showers Traditions/Games

A Celebration Unmatched: Special Bridal Shower Traditions

Your bridal shower is an opportunity to share one of your life’s most momentous occasions, and it’s truly a special day when you get to celebrate it with the ones you love. And for brides, bridesmaids, and maids of honor, bridal shower planning is one of the most exciting parts of the process. You get to shower the bride with love, support, and maybe a few gifts, all while enjoying a relaxing brunch or luncheon. It’s undoubtedly a time to cherish.


Hampshire House is a premier destination for your perfectly planned Boston bridal shower — we’re happy to help you commemorate any special occasion, but especially your nuptials, within the walls of our elegant Beacon Hill mansion. Besides providing you with the perfect setting, we’re also happy to help pick up some of the (sometimes hefty) planning burden. One way we can do that is by helping you plan and execute fun bridal shower games and celebratory customs.

Bridal Shower Traditions and Games

If it’s your first time planning a bridal shower, it helps to know a little bit about how bridal showers typically function. But don’t worry — if you’re dealing with a non-traditional bride or just want to shake things up a little bit, you can skip these customs entirely.

  • Classic Brunch Fare — Who doesn’t love brunch? Often, bridal showers are held during the late morning or midday (with a starting time sometime between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.), thus making it the perfect time for some mimosas, pastries, and coffee. To knock it out of the park, pick selections from our tasteful, locally inspired brunch menu.
  • The Ribbon Bouquet — Typically, the bride-to-be will open her bridal shower gifts during the event (maid of honor, make sure you’re ready with a pen and paper to write down gifts), often after everyone has eaten. During the gift-opening process, bridesmaids or little ones typically collect the discarded ribbons to create a bouquet, which the bride can use during the rehearsal.
  • Advice from Your Elders — Another common bridal shower tradition is getting marriage advice from long-married friends, aunts, grandmas, and moms. You can make this a part of a game or simply have a stack of notecards and a card box displayed so that guests can give advice as needed.
  • The Newlywed Game — Just like the game show of the same name, The Newlywed Game challenges how much you know about your partner. This one is always funny and is sure to get a chuckle out of your guests.
  • The Purse Raid Game — If you’re not embarrassed by the idea of emptying out your purse and showcasing its contents — with the incentive of winning a prize, of course — then the Purse Raid Game is a fun choice. It’s essentially a scavenger hunt using the contents of your guests’ purses.

august 3

Your Own Personal Twist

The most important thing you can do when you’re planning a shower to remember is to partner with a venue that will help you execute your special day in exactly the way you envision. Hampshire House is always honored to help bring bridal showers to life!


Introducing Our Spring and Summer Menu

Taste the best that the season has to offer in Hampshire House’s spring and summer menu. Our latest culinary offerings are spring-inspired bites that are certain to reawaken your palate. Savor incredible flavors and try out various dishes to gain a better understanding of the season’s dining experience at our venue. Our expertly trained kitchen staff and renowned chefs are excited to show off their latest creations and provide flavorful and decadent dishes for any meeting or celebration. You can learn more about our spring menu in this culinary tell-all.

cropped square 1355

Reception Bites

If you want to greet your guests with something delicious, our 2018 spring (and summer) menu has a multitude of enticing options. You’ll find a selection of hot hors d’oeuvres like a flavorful fava bean soup with crisp asparagus, English peas, and mint-cream fraiche or rich prosciutto-wrapped scallop brochettes with lemon confit. Mix and match those warm, welcoming bites with light and fresh cold hors d’oeuvres like duck spring rolls with sour orange dipping sauce and bright watermelon and feta skewers in a white balsamic reduction. For something a little more filling, try our butler-passed mini appetizers like beef tenderloin with chimichurri or sweet pea ravioli.

Specialty Stations

Our spring and summer menu has options like our tapas bar with crab-meat stuffed calamari, cod fritters with avocado aioli, Spanish potato and egg tortillas, and more. For a coastal themed event, you can’t beat our New England clam bake station that includes lobster, mussels, and clam chowder. We also offer an authentic taqueria specialty station and a unique make-your-own dessert station.

Plated Dinners

For an unforgettable four-course meal, choose our dinner entrees from Hampshire House. Start with tasty options like our potato leek crostata or spring vegetable risotto, then move to the salad course with an intensely flavorful pickled vegetable salad with champagne vinaigrette or a bright and beautiful wild berry salad topped with toasted almonds and white balsamic vinaigrette. Your event will be the talk of the town with top-quality entrees like roasted halibut in a saffron citrus sauce or rack of lamb with a dried fruit crumble, honey-glazed carrots, olive oil mashed potatoes, and herb de Provence jus. Finish off with one of our delightful desserts; our peach melba with vanilla ice cream and slivered almonds is a springtime favorite.

Julia & Tom-14

Host Your Event at Hampshire House

Whether you’re hosting a major event like a wedding, fundraiser, or gala or you simply want to entertain a few clients in an impressive setting, Hampshire House is the perfect place for your next gathering. Our spring and summer 2018 offerings include a range of delicious, flavorful dishes so you can customize your event menu from start to finish. And by hosting your event at Hampshire House, you’ll have a luxurious and sophisticated setting that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us today to make a reservation for our Hampshire House spring menu event.


Join Our Mother’s Day Celebration – May 13, 2018


Moms put in so much work to take good care of us. On Mother’s Day, you can return the favor by treating her to a lavish meal at Hampshire House. Come to the historic Beacon Hill neighborhood to enjoy a delightful Mother’s Day brunch in a grand venue where generations of Bostonians have dined together and celebrated.

Delicious Dining

Our impressive Mother’s Day brunch menu includes something for everyone, making this the perfect family outing for such an important event. This three-course plated brunch features your choice of starter and main dish along with a decadent dessert. Start off by selecting from delicious options like a spring salad with baby arugula, sugar snap peas, dried apricots, and almonds in a lemon vinaigrette or a Gulf shrimp martini with crisp vegetable spaghetti and tomato olive relish. These light-yet-flavorful appetizers offer a tantalizing way to begin your brunch.

For your entrée, you’ll have sweet and savory options such as stuffed Fresh toast, a Florentine benedict, and char-grilled chicken pasta, each of which is carefully prepared by our expert chefs. Some of our most popular menu items include our wood-grilled lamb chops with black olive tapenade, spring vegetables, and our New England lobster omelet featuring three eggs stuffed with Maine lobster meat and fresh herbs (served with brunch potatoes and grilled asparagus).

The finishing touch is our Hampshire House Chocolate Trilogy, which features Swiss chocolate maple soup, a chocolate mousse tartlet, and bittersweet chocolate crème brulee. This incredible dessert is sure to satisfy any mother’s sweet tooth on her special day.

An Experience to Remember

At Hampshire House, we want to make sure that your Mother’s Day brunch is a memorable experience. The grand, luxurious setting complete with historic architecture and lavish décor is sure to make your mom feel special on this important holiday. Hampshire House is known for its elegant and sophisticated touches, including carved oak paneling, sparkling crystal chandeliers, tall Palladian windows, and majestic Italian marble. It’s a place of such grandeur that it was once visited by gentlemen in top hats and tails and ladies in silk and satin.

Today, this turn-of-the-century mansion retains that high-society feel that elevates any event to something truly elegant and refined. Our Mother’s Day brunch allows your family to don their Sunday best and make this meal feel a bit more special than your typical dining experience. Our top-notch staff deliver excellent service and each plate delivered to your table will be perfectly plated by our expertly trained kitchen team. If you really want to treat your Mom to an unforgettable celebration, our Hampshire House brunch is just what you need. Trust us when we say that she’ll be bragging about this lovely experience for weeks afterward.

Seating is limited for this dining event, so make a plan for mom today so you’ll be in time for Mother’s Day. To lock in your spot for this exciting celebration, make a reservation at Hampshire House for May 13 from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. We look forward to celebrating with you and making your mother feel pampered and appreciated.



Join Hampshire House for Easter Brunch on April 1




There’s something so special about getting all dressed up for a delicious Easter brunch. If you’re looking for the perfect place to celebrate this holiday with friends or family, make a reservation for our Easter brunch at Hampshire House. On April 1, we’ll open our doors to welcome guests for a top-notch brunch with delectable dishes in a grand setting. Learn more about what you can expect at this special event.

A Meal You’ll Remember

Our Easter brunch is a three-course plated meal that begins with your choice of starter. Options like a gulf shrimp martini, lobster bisque, or grilled asparagus and Portobello mushrooms will have your meal off to a great start. Then, select your main dish from a variety of mouth-watering options. Go for the herb-crusted salmon, eggs benedict, or wood-grilled lamb chops for a savory treat or keep it on the sweet side with our French toast stuffed with rich cream cheese and fresh raspberry preserves. Top off your meal with our Hampshire House chocolate trilogy, which includes an incredible combination of Swiss chocolate maple soup, a chocolate mousse tartlet, and bittersweet chocolate crème brulee.

Make Your Reservation

Get your Easter brunch plans lined up today by making your reservation for this special event at Hampshire House. For just $65 per person, you’ll get an amazing three-course brunch (taxes, gratuity, and beverages not included). Rather than waiting in long lines or struggling to find parking on Easter morning, simply reserve your meal and take advantage of our validated parking in the Boston Common Garage. Then, sit back, relax, and enjoy a memorable meal in our beautifully decorated Beacon Hill mansion, surrounded by Italian marble, carved oak paneling, tall Palladian windows and crystal chandeliers.






Hampshire House’s Spring Menu Preview Event on March 29

Clam Bake Bar

Choosing which items to serve at your event is easy when you attend our spring menu preview event at Hampshire House. On March 29, you’ll be able to explore the many seasonal offerings on our menu at this fun tasting opportunity. Try everything from tapas to tacos and savor the sweetness of our many dessert offerings at this special event. It’s the perfect chance to discover which menu selections are best suited to your upcoming event at Hampshire House.

A Well-Rounded Menu

With items that are inspired by dishes from across the globe, you’ll have so many different flavor profiles to explore at our spring menu preview event. Whether you’re indulging in a traditional New England clam bake, dining on Spanish dishes at our tapas bar, or delighting in a rich Italian risotto, you’ll love being able to find such diverse dishes on our seasonal menu. We also offer a variety of lighter and heartier dishes to make meals balanced and satisfying. You can create your own plated dinner with selections like potato leek crostata, a wild berries salad, and rack of lamb. And don’t forget to top it off with a memorable dessert, like pie tartlets, lemon scones, or chocolate whoopie pies.

Taste-Testing Fun

Besides the absolutely irresistible flavors, the Hampshire House spring menu preview event also provides the opportunity to pick out the perfect menu for your event. Whether you’ll be hosting a wedding, a business meeting, or another type of special event in our luxurious venue, you’ll find delicious offerings to delight your guests at this tasting. Sample from our many menu options and take note of your favorites to build an unforgettable custom menu for your next event.